Earn cashbacks from your online shopping sprees with Shopback

Earn Cashbacks from your Online Shopping Sprees with Shopback - Off-Duty Mama

Have you been going on online shopping sprees lately? Because I admit, I have—from workout sets, to storage organizers, personal care stuff, and even Zayn's clothes and slippers—I've bought them all online. Now, what if I tell you, you can get back a percentage of what you spent from shopping online? I discovered this app called Shopback a few years ago but it was only this year that I started using it and it has definitely changed my online shopping game. And please know that this is not sponsored, okay? I am writing this post simply to share to you this amazing shopping hack by earning your money back with Shopback.

Yes, Shopback is an amazing app that lets you earn your money back from your online purchases. Shopback also offers discount vouchers and promos to help you save even more from your online shopping sprees. Personally, I use Shopback whenever I shop on Shopee and Lazada, and when I order food through Foodpanda.

Shopback has over 300 merchants
Shopback has over 300 merchants here in the Philippines that you can choose from. Aside from the stores I mentioned above, they also have Zalora, Watsons, Klook, Agoda, Shein, Cult Beauty, Adidas, Nike, Althea Korea, Sephora, and many more onboard.

Earn Cashbacks from your Online Shopping Sprees with Shopback - Off-Duty Mama

How to use and earn from Shopback
Shopback is actually very easy to use. If you don't have this app yet, go ahead and download it from Play Store or App Store. Once you have the app downloaded on your phone, create an account by signing up. Upon signing up, you can add my referral code: s7ZxQF so you can earn Php 100 bonus once you have spent Php 300 through Shopback.

Now that you have the app, you can now...
  1. BROWSE from the 300+ stores then click on that particular store you'd like to shop on. You will be redirected to a page specific to that store.
  2. CLICK the Continue to App button at the bottom right part of the page. This will open the app of the store you selected (if you have it already installed).
  3. BUY the stuff you need and check your cart out.

Very simple, right? You will get a notification that your Shopback activity has been successfully tracked and reflected into your Shopback account within 48-72 hours. So you should always remember: open the Shopback app first, search for that specific store you'd like to shop on, and let Shopback open the app for you. That's the only way you can earn cashbacks from your transactions.

How To Use Shopback - Off-Duty Mama

Track your cashback activity
To check all your cashback activities, go to your Account then click the See Cashback Details button. Each cashback activity is initially tagged as Pending as it needs to be verified by the store you made a purchase from if the transaction is valid and has not been cancelled. Depending on the store, it usually takes 3 months or more before it gets Confirmed and becomes available for withdrawal. As you can see on the screenshot below, each activity has a date indicated when the cashback becomes redeemable. Also, you need a minimum available balance of Php 200 before you can withdraw your cashbacks.

Track Your Shopback Activity - Off-Duty Mama

Join challenges and refer your friends to earn rewards
Aside from your online shopping sprees, you can earn additional cash when you join Shopback's challenges and refer your friends to sign up for a Shopback account.

Earn Cashbacks from your Online Shopping Sprees with Shopback - Off-Duty Mama

Yesterday, I already requested to withdraw my available balance and now I have to wait for 3-5 banking days before I receive it in my bank account. Will update this blog post once I have received my very first cashout! :)

UPDATE: I was able to receive my cashback and I'm so happy! I'm back to earning more so I can withdraw it again!

What are you waiting for? Click HERE to download the Shopback app and start shopping the right way.

Again, this post is not in any way sponsored by Shopback or any other organization. I just wanted to share this shopping tip to everyone.

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