Where to buy affordable activewear online

Where To Buy Affordable Activewear Online

I have been posting my workout clips on my Instagram stories and my friends, acquaintances, and followers have been messaging me asking where I buy my workout clothes. I have responded to each of them privately but now, I decided to share it publicly once and for all. This is not a sponsored post, I just want to share where I usually buy affordable workout sets, leggings, bralettes, and more. So without any further ado, my secret is only one app—Shopee. Sabihin mo, "Salamat, Shopee!" Hahaha.

Okay, kidding aside, there are a lot of stores on Shopee that sell workout clothes but since I'm a cheapskate and paranoid, I always look for stores selling the same items for a lesser price but still with very good reviews from previous customers.

Where To Buy Affordable Activewear Online Where To Buy Affordable Activewear Online

These workout sets above are my very first workout sets and I was so happy when I received them because they're both of really good quality. Each set was around Php 1000+ and definitely worth every cent.

Where To Buy Affordable Activewear Online

These days, bralettes are now good and cheaper alternatives to the classic sports bras. And Shopee definitely has a lot of stores where you can buy different styles of bralettes. But for the photos above, I got them all from one store and for only less than a hundred pesos each! Now go ahead and search for the store name, Rhian Chua (rhianchua).

Where To Buy Affordable Activewear Online

The items I'm wearing above were bought from two different Shopee stores. I bought the top as a top + leggings set from fashion_cube.ph. And can you believe that the set's only around Php 800+?! Such a good steal, right? And the leggings that went with the top has really really good quality too.

For the booty shorts, I got it from the store renocase2.ph. They have four colors available and I bought all four for only Php 382 each. So far, this is the only store that sells these shorts at such a low price.

Tip: Whenever I shop at Shopee, I always use the Shopback app so I can earn cash backs from my purchases. And I love that I can also use this app when shopping at other stores like Lazada, Zalora, Asos, and more. You can even use this when ordering your favorite food from Grab and FoodPanda! Oh diba, at least you'll get something in return from your shopping sprees. Haha! If you don't have the app yet, you should really install it now and sign up through my referral link so you can earn Php 100. Happy shopping!

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