May 18, 2018

Five Things To Look Out For At SM City Consolacion's 3-Day Sale on May 18-20

Five Things To Look Out For At SM City Consolacion's 3-Day Sale on May 18-20
The biggest Sale in the North is near and this always brings music to anyone’s ears with markdowns that span up to 70% off! This May 18, 19 and 20, SM City Consolacion’s 3-Day Sale doesn’t just rain discounts, they’re giving away more prizes and freebies with a carnival of exciting games, prizes and surprises! Continue reading to know more about the five things you’ll be excited for in this year’s sale.

1. Two Suzuki Celerio R150 are up for grabs

Two lucky shoppers will get to take home a brand new Suzuki Raider R150. It’s easy to join as you simply present your receipts to the redemption booth. For every P1000 worth of purchase, the shopper gets one raffle coupon. If they have the SM Mobile App then they get 2 extra coupons. On Saturday and Sunday, they get double coupons.

Five Things To Look Out For At SM City Consolacion's 3-Day Sale on May 18-20

2. Exclusive deals for loyal cardholders

SM City Consolacion pours love and discounts to their loyal cardholders with exclusive discounts from affiliate stores: Ace hardware, SM Appliance, Surplus and The SM Store. On Friday, SM Prestige and BDO Cardholders enjoy 10% discounts for the whole day. Saturday calls for SM Advantage, SM Prestige and BDO Rewards cardholders to rush to the mall as early as 9AM for an exclusive 10% off for the first three hours only. However, if you don’t get to be at the mall on Saturday morning, SM City Consolacion is extending the same 10% discount to SM Advantage, SM Prestige and BDO Rewards cardholders from 5PM to 7PM.

3. Freebies—and lots of it!

Unique to SM City Consolacion is their fun promos. One of which is their Early Bird Promo, where the first 100 shoppers who can present a Php 500 single receipt purchase within the 3 Days of Sale will get to win freebies like a 30-minute massage, ¼ kilo of lechon belly, free 3kgs of laundry wash and so much more.

There’s more! For the 3 days of Sale, the first 100 customers with a P1,000 single receipt purchase will also receive a Jollibee Yum Burger and Donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. A Thirsty shake will be added to the freebies on Friday, a slice of Greenwich pizza on Friday and Saturday and Goldilocks mamon on Saturday and Sunday. World of Fun and Quantum game tokens will also be given to the first 50 shoppers during the 3 days as well.

Five Things To Look Out For At SM City Consolacion's 3-Day Sale on May 18-20

4. Games, games and games

Another unique gimmick that SM City Consolacion’s 3-Day Sale is known for would be their game promos that families and friends will enjoy and take home prizes too. For the 3 days of Sale, shoppers with a minimum receipt purchase of P5,000 get to hunt for ducks carrying as much as P4000 worth of SM Gift Certificates (GCs) at their ‘Lucky Duck’. On Saturday, May 19, shoppers may choose suitcases that hold up to P5,000 which they may take home at their ‘Take it or Leave it’ game. Then on Sunday, May 20, shoppers will show their creative side by showing off how many ways an item can be used. They get a good laugh out of it and may event win up to P2,500 worth of SM GCs.

5. Extended Mall Hours

Best part of this sale is that you can shop at your own pace without thinking of how much time you have left because they’re extending mall hours for you to shop. On May 18 and 20, Friday and Sunday, the mall is open from 10AM to 10PM. Then on May 19, Saturday, the mall opens early at 9AM and closes at 10PM.

Everyone’s a winner with huge discounts, prizes and freebies await at SM City Consolacion’s 3-Day Sale from May 18 to 20. Block your schedules, list down your shopping list and be ready for some non-stop shopping and entertainment. For event details and more updates, please call 2600132 or like SM City Consolacion (Official) on Facebook.

April 20, 2018

Review: Althea Korea Bare Essentials

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December 15, 2017

Rediscovering Scribe: Bringing back the passion for writing

Rediscovering Scribe: Bringing back the passion for writing

I discovered I had the knack for writing back in my grade school years where our teacher wanted to have someone join the Filipino Feature Writing Contest (Filipino was also my favorite subject back then). So she asked all of us to write something about a certain topic (which I forgot) and when we passed all our work and she read them one by one, she approached me and said that I can write. I was astounded because among twenty students, she chose me. She made me write tons of feature articles, polished them, and prepared me for the contest. That was then I realized that I loved to write. Fast forward today, I still write, but in the form of blogs. When I was invited to the Scribe Media Launch, I got excited knowing that they specialize in writing essentials. I really do miss the traditional form of writing and I fully support Scribe's passion in bringing us back to the times when we only had pen and paper.

November 23, 2017

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October 20, 2017

Quick Guide: How to Apply for UMID Card and Follow-Up Your Application Status

Quick Guide: How to Apply for UMID ID and Follow-Up Your Application Status

Who else here gets frustrated (and pissed) with establishments for requiring a lot of IDs? Especially government agencies when we're applying for an ID. That's why we're applying to get an ID so we can get a decent and valid ID, right? I only have a Company ID, a TIN Card, a PhilHealth Card, and an expired Alumni ID. So last July 28, I finally applied for a Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card or more commonly known as UMID because I'm going to apply for a passport next month and I'm afraid that the DFA might not accept my existing IDs. I processed my application at SM City Cebu Government Services and just yesterday, I finally got my UMID! I got it it less than three months! I posted about it in my Instagram stories and I got a few inquiries on how to apply for the ID. A friend also asked if I could blog about it so here, I'll be posting a quick guide for you.