Staycation Series: lyf Cebu City

Staycation Series: lyf Cebu City
My first February weekend was spent at the newest and the first ever international co-living property in Cebu, lyf Cebu City. Located in Baseline Center, lyf opened just before the Sinulog 2024 celebration, making it the perfect accommodation for families and groups of friends who went to join in the festivities. The co-living concept is designed for dynamic travelers who are always on the move and loves social interaction with other travelers.

As soon as I arrived at the 5th floor of the building (it's where the check-in counter is), I was welcomed with vibrant and distinct interiors. Unlike the usual hotel lobbies that scream "prim and proper", SAY HI, lyf's check-in counter was so colorful and it was filled with eye-catching decorations and unique furniture. lyf's SAY HI still offers the same seamless check-in process but, they added their own creative touch to make sure that all guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Staycation Series: lyf Cebu City

At lyf Cebu City, you will surely not get bored because they have a lot of unique social spaces that you can enjoy during your stay. I love how they uniquely named and designed each space with so much character.

If you're a digital nomad, you don't need to worry because lyf has CONNECT which is their co-working lounge. CONNECT offers private nooks if you prefer to zone out while working, but they also have open tables if you do not mind working while interacting with the other guests.

If you're a long-term staying guest, doing your laundry is no problem because lyf has WASH AND HANG where you can do your laundry with style. lyf doesn't have a restaurant but they do have a social kitchen BOND where you can cook hearty meals and even swap recipes with the other guests. This shared kitchen is fully-equipped from the pans to the utensils.

HANGOUT (Mezzanine)
If you are looking for a corner to just chill and hangout, the HANGOUT is the place to be. Right beside it is the STADIUM which is the perfect spot to cap your nights off with a good movie or a fun karaoke night with the lyf crew and the other guests.

ALL TOGETHER (4 Bedroom)
lyf has five different room categories:

  • ONE OF A KIND - Good for a maximum of 2 pax
  • SIDE BY SIDE - Good for a maximum of 2 pax
  • ALL TOGETHER (2 bedrooms) - Good for a maximum of 4 pax
  • ALL TOGETHER (4 bedrooms) - Good for a maximum of 6 pax
  • ALL TOGETHER PLUS (4 bedrooms) - Good for a maximum of 6 pax

We stayed at an ALL TOGETHER four-bedroom apartment which boasts a floor area of 92.3 sqm, a shared kitchen and dining area, and two bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms each had a queen-sized bed and the other two rooms each had twin beds. I was the one who first arrived in the group so I got first dibs on the room with the queen-sized bed. LOL.

I have to say that the apartment was thoughtfully-designed as it really speaks for lyf's co-living concept while still valuing each of the guest's privacy. Why? Because while all guests have his own keycard to access the main door, you can only use that same keycard to open your room only. I really appreciate this concept because of course, while we like to socialize, each of us also needs individual space and you can exactly get it right here at lyf.

DIP (Swimming Pool)
At lyf Cebu City, you can not just stay inside your room all day because believe me, you will never run out of things to do. Aside from their unique social spaces, lyf did not forget the perfect spot to lounge, enjoy the sun, and have a quick DIP.

BURN (Social Gym)
Last but definitely not the least, the most important and favorite amenity that I always look for is the gym. BURN is lyf's social gym equipped with just the necessary gears to help you burn calories and shed those extra pounds.

lyf Cebu City is not your ordinary accommodation. lyf is an experience. If you want an elevated hotel experience with a touch of fun vibes, then choose lyf.

lyf Cebu City
Address: Tower 3, Baseline Center, Brgy. Capitol Site, Cebu City
Contact number: +6332 380 1980
Email address:


  1. What a fun hotel! I love how they named their different areas!

    1. I know, right!! It's like a breath of fresh air. Super unique ng hotel and their social spaces!