That Coffee that makes you want another cup

HueMann Cafe Cebu - That Coffee
HueMann is the newest coffee shop in Cebu but they take pride in being first German coffee brand in the city. HueMann brings the German coffee culture here in Cebu where good coffee is paired with good food, and enjoyed over good conversations.

Boasting a white and minimalist aesthetic with wooden blocks serving as tables and chairs, HueMann designed their coffee shop not for you to sit all day and be glued on your screens, but to disconnect and foster conversations with your friends and dear ones while enjoying a cup of That Coffee.

I enjoyed three different types of coffee from their menu: hot Meersalz-Latte, iced Meersalz-Latte, and hot Dunkel Mokka. Both variations of the Meersalz-Latte captured my heart. And I am not surprised that it is their best-selling coffee because it is really good. Don't just take my word for it and please, try it yourself. That Coffee will surely make you want another cup, and another cup, another cup!

HueMann offers pasta and sandwiches to pair with their coffee. Out of the three different types of sandwiches, the Chicken Pesto sandwich was my favorite. The Arrabiata and Chicken Alfredo pasta were both good but the Arrabiata is my top pick. Their food servings are actually more than enough for me and they're surprisingly filling.

HueMann is a promising coffee shop and I honestly recommend that you visit them and try that coffee!

That Coffee | HueMann
Address: G/F Queensland Manor Condominium, Rahmann St., Brgy. Zapatera, Cebu City
Opening hours: Daily 10AM-8PM
Instagram: @huemannph
Facebook: HueMann

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