What's in Moira's Christmas shopping list?

Home Credit - Moira's Christmas Shopping List
Finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones can be very challenging. Good thing, Home Credit launched The Great 0% Interest Festival, so that you can check out items from almost 10,000 partner stores nationwide. You can choose from more than 50,000 products available through Home Credit and get them at 0% interest until January 31, 2023. But if you're still undecided and need some inspiration, Filipina singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre shares her holiday gift ideas that are perfect for all ages and for every special person in your life.

Gifts for learning and entertainment
Gifting your inaanaks or siblings the latest devices can help them not only study hard, but also enjoy little play time in between to maintain that school-life balance. Not to mention, in the new normal way of learning, smartphones, laptops and tablets, and accessories such as noise-canceling headphones have proven to optimize students’ educational experience, whether for physical classes and especially in hybrid learning.

The new NBA season has also just began last month and this means you may find your dads and brothers with their eyes glued on screens. Investing in a high-quality smart TV at home can be an amazing present for them, as the whole family spends their time at home in the spirit of togetherness during the holidays. To top this off, gifting your ate or bunso superb-quality bluetooth speakers lets everyone party or just chill, anytime and anywhere.

Here are the top tech brands to name a few–OPPO, realme, vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, Apple, Huawei, and Asus. All these brands offer gadgets that make the perfect study and play buddy.

Presents for convenience and healthy living
Inverter technology has been quite an innovation that parents fancy for household appliances. Choosing inverter items over traditional appliances saves energy and cost at home. This season of giving, gifting parents the latest appliances that would guarantee convenient living at home will surely have them enjoying the holidays and beyond.

As moms love spending time in the kitchen and making snacks for their families, with a cool and cost-efficient refrigerator in place they can keep their grocery foods in a safe storage to ensure the quality of each item. While you’re at it, why not get an inverter air conditioner for the family so they can enjoy the cool room temperature during family reunions? An air conditioner will definitely be appreciated in a tropical weather country like the Philippines plus it is also environment-friendly and has lower power consumption.

Another important household appliance is owning a good quality washing machine. Give your titas a washing machine is ideal and a good way to show how you value their convenience.

Home workouts saw an increase in demand during the pandemic. Surprise your fitness enthusiast sibling or significant other by gifting them a punching bag, dumbbells, a yoga mat, or go big and fulfill their home gym dream by gifting them an indoor cycling bike or treadmill. Get these home appliances and fitness equipment from Home Credit’s retail partners such as SM Appliances, Robinsons Appliances, Abenson, FC Home, Home Along, AllHome, Emcor, and Automatic Centre.

Curated holiday presents for a more personal touch
If you're looking for a more creative option for holiday gifting, you can try creating your very own holiday gift package. For your coworkers who just had a baby, put in some nice items for infants, toys and clothing in a ribbon-tied box for the complete Christmasy feel. And for the BFFs, you can collect some new shades of lipstick, tag along some trendy accessories and perfume in a cute tote bag or basket for a well-thought out present.

Through Home Credit’s Shopping Basket, you can visit its partner stores and shop for these varieties of goodies that you can curate in bundles for Php 3,000 minimum worth of items. You can get them through a monthly installment plan now with 0% interest.

The spirit of Christmas is livelier now more than ever. Home Credit wishes to celebrate this with you, offering 0% interest for the best gift items of your choice that can make the whole family feel loved and cherished.

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