CPASS: The new crypto e-wallet for everyone

I have experienced investing in mutual funds and stocks but I still consider myself a novice in these areas. And now with people pushing the usage of digital wallets and cashless transactions, the demand for digital currencies or more commonly known as cryptocurrencies are also growing exponentially. Good thing that I discovered CPASS, a rising cryptocurrency e-wallet, that suits all types of users regardless if you're a beginner or not.

There are already countless cryptocurrency applications available but here are the reasons why I prefer CPASS over the others.

Simple and concise features
Using the CPASS app is very straightforward which makes it beginner-friendly. I learned how to use it in no time because the dashboard and its features are clear and concise.

Exchange my virtual assets
This is one of the main features of CPASS and this is what I love about it. CPASS supports various coins such as BTC, ETH, and USDT and with the SWAP function, I can easily swap my BTC assets to ETH assets and vice versa.

Engage with other users
As I have mentioned, I am a novice in this area and I love that I can talk with the other CPASS users and learn more about cryptocurrencies from them through the special P2P platform called OTC Bay. This is an exclusive feature created by CPASS to allow their users to engage with each other.

Bills payment
Staying true to its e-wallet function, I love that CPASS allows me to pay my bills through its online mall.

Transactions are safe and secure
One of my main concerns in these kinds of platforms is security. And I’m glad that CPASS is built with world-class security features so I am sure that my assets are protected and all of my transactions are safe and secure.

There is actually so much more I can do in the CPASS app but I still have to learn the ropes to make sure that I have maximized what CPASS can offer.

Download the CPASS app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now, and start investing for your future, too.

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