Colorful and dreamy adventure at the Museum of Emotions

Museum of Emotions Cebu
Zayn is finally at a stage where he loves exploring new places and trying out new things. I don't have an experience-rich childhood so I'm making sure that Zayn grows up with so much memories to make and many stories to tell. When I got invited to the newest interactive museum here in Cebu, I instantly knew that Zayn would love to be there. We went there yesterday and let me tell you, this much-awaited Museum of Emotions is definitely worth checking out.

Museum of Emotions is a 2,500 sq.m experiential museum located at the 4th level of Ayala Center Cebu. The museum promotes the understanding of emotions through its bright, colorful, and interactive installations. Museum of Emotions encourages everyone to appreciate, recognize, and celebrate the different emotional states that a human being can feel.

Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu

Ticket rates:
  • Emo Pass – P499 per person
  • Emo Squad Pass – P350 per person (group of 4)

Each pass entitles you to a two-hour self tour, a free mochi, and a free ice cream. You can take your time and take all the photos that you want because Museum of Emotions has over 30+ eye-catching art installations that you'll definitely enjoy.

Book your tickets here:

Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu

Zayn had so much fun exploring the whole museum and I was so happy following him wherever he goes. He enjoyed every corner and every installation. We enjoyed the Joycuzzi the most because it mimics a snow room. But instead of snow, styro beads are used. Walking through the styro beads was a very relaxing experience.

Note: You need to pay an additional fee of P50 if you want to enter the Joycuzzi and another P50 for socks if you're not wearing any. Socks are required, yes.

Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu

Museum of Emotions has a slime station where kids can make their own slime. Slime kits for as low as P150 are available at the station.

Museum of Emotions Cebu Museum of Emotions Cebu

It was Zayn and I's first time to bond over this kind of activity. Attractions like this are quite rare here in Cebu and as a mother, I'm glad that there's a new place where we can spend time with our kids.

Museum of Emotions is a one-of-a-kind experience for the kids and the kids-at-heart!

Museum of Emotions
4/F Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City
Operating hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11AM - 8PM (cutoff time is 6PM)
Contact number: +63 945 188 9000
E-mail address:

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