Coffee, cocktails, and food at Kupola Maaya

Coffee and cocktails at Kupola Maaya
Tiktok has been my go-to platform whenever I'm looking for a new restaurant to try here in Cebu. And this café bar is one of my Tiktok discoveries (I love my fyp! lol). Kupola Maaya is an intimate café bar hidden in the streets of Cebu City. It's the perfect place when you just want to chill and have a cup of coffee in the morning. And when the sun sets, you can enjoy the happy hour with their signature cocktails.

Bright and colorful interiors welcome you as soon as you enter Kupola Maaya. The first time I went here was around dinner time and the second time was around 11AM. Personally, I'd prefer coming in the morning because I like it peaceful and quiet.

Bacon & Eggs - Php 200 / Sausage & Eggs - Php 285

All-day breakfast meals are available at Kupola Maaya. Each meal is served with a choice of rice or toast. The servings are actually huge and I believe, for most, it's more than enough to make you feel full.

Signature White Coffee - Php 160

To be honest, I did not expect so much but their signature white coffee is a must-try. If you love a creamy and a slightly sweet coffee, this one is for you.

Beef Salpicao - Php 395 / Herbed Pork Chops - Php 370

For the mains, the serving sizes were disappointingly small compared to their all-day breakfast meals. The salpicao was quite good but the meat was not soft and tender. I prefer a melts-in-my-mouth kind of salpicao. Flavor-wise, I think the herbed pork chops were okay but the meat were also not tender that cutting the knife through was a challenging task.

Beef Stroganoff - Php 295 / Aglio Olio - Php 160

The beef stroganoff was disappointing overall. The serving size was small and they overdid the sauce. Overdid because there was TOO MUCH sauce. Plus, the sauce was supposed to be thick and creamy but their sauce was watery. Now for the aglio olio, basically it's just garlic and oil. But their aglio olio was, first, very very very dry. There were no signs of oil at all. And it was bland. The only flavor that we could taste was the parmesan cheese that the pasta was coated all over with.

I forgot what the blue cocktail was but I'm pretty sure the one one the left is an amaretto. I also forgot to take a photo of their cocktail menu but they're afforable. But taste-wise, both cocktails were just so-so. I'm also picky when it comes to amaretto sours and this one just didn't make the cut.

Kupola Maaya Menu

Overall, I don't think that Kupola Maaya is a "bad" dining place considering that I haven't tried their other dishes yet. It's just that, I may not be coming back anytime soon to dine. But for the coffee, I may consider coming back.

Kupola Maaya
Address: Gen. E. Osmeña St., Cebu City
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11AM-10PM
Free Wi-Fi: Yes
Power outlets: Yes


  1. Did you know that their signature white is actually from TGD I believe? If you like their coffee, I highly suggest go to TGD. You can get the bigger cup for the same price. Thanks 🙏

    1. Oh! I did not know that! That's why it tastes so good! I love TDG's signature latte!

    2. Thats actually not true. TGD has no association with Kupola. Kupola constructs their own White Brew :) That is just another person trying to destroy a small business. Sad actually.