Why you should sign up for PLDT Home Rewards

Top three reasons why you should sign up for the PLDT Home Rewards
Adulting is when you realize you are up for any kinds of membership rewards program. Who wouldn't want to earn something back from what you've spent, right? Most especially if you earn something just by paying your internet service bills. If you are a PLDT Home subscriber and you want a more rewarding PLDT Home subscription experience like never before, then you should sign up for the PLDT Home Rewards program and here are the reasons why.

Earn 1 crystal for every Php 50 PLDT Home bill paid on time and in full

Crystals serve as your currency or points that you can exchange for amazing treats from PLDT and its partners. The more you pay your bills on time and avail PLDT services, the more crystals you earn. Note that only payments that are posted on or before the bill due date are qualified for the crystals.

Aside from fully paying your bill on time, here are other ways that you can earn more crystals:
  • Enrollment of your PLDT Home account - Earn 20 crystals for every PLDT Home account enrolled. You can enroll a maximum of five PLDT Home accounts.
  • Achieving quarterly payment streaks - Earn 50 additional crystals when you fully pay your bills on time for three consecutive months.
  • Paying through digital channels - Earn 5 crystals for every payment made through the preferred digital payment channels. Earn additional 5 crystals when you pay through Maya. Note that this is on top of the crystals that you earn through digital payment.
  • Enrolling to PLDT’s Go Green Program (paperless billing) - Earn 20 crystals for every account that you enroll for paperless billing.
  • Subscribing to add-on services - Earn 50 crystals whenever you upgrade to a higher plan or when you migrate from ADSL/VDSL/VVDSL to Fiber.

Exchange your crystals for bill rebates, exciting treats, and discounts

When you have earned enough crystals, you can redeem your rewards through the PLDT Home Rewards Marketplace. You can redeem bill rebates for PLDT, Smart, Cignal, and Maynilad bills. You can also redeem discount vouchers for dining and retail partners like Shopee, GrabFood, The SM Store, and over 40 partner brands.

To redeem your rewards, log in to your PLDT Home Rewards account, and then click MARKETPLACE. Choose from the list of reward items under PLDT Home, and then click REDEEM.

What are you waiting for? Don't think twice and sign up now for the PLDT Home Rewards program. To register, do the following:
  1. Go to the PLDT Home Rewards page.
  2. Click Sign Up Now.
  3. Fill out the mandatory fields, and then click REGISTER.

Your membership is valid as long as you are an active PLDT Home subscriber. For more information about the PLDT Home Rewards program, visit https://pldthome.com/loyalty-and-rewards.

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