Exploring Iloilo City

Exploring Iloilo City - Molo Mansion

I haven't had travel partnerships since Bantayan Island almost two years ago so this trip felt kind of surreal. This was also my first ever partnership with Cebu Pacific which made it even more perplexing. The familiariazation tour was last March 22-24, 2022 and it was an eventful and a very memorable three-day trip. So here, let me take you to Iloilo City, the City of Love, through this short photo diary.

Brandy Museum
We started our Iloilo City tour at around 2PM and our first stop was the Brandy Museum. This is the Philippines' first-ever brandy museum which gives the visitors a walkthrough of the rich history of Spanish brandy. The Brandy Museum is located on the ground floor of Casa Emperador at the Iloilo Business Park. Entrance is free and they've got tons of varieties of brandy for you!

Exploring Iloilo City - Brandy Museum Exploring Iloilo City - Brandy Museum

Jaro Cathedral
Our next stop was Jaro Cathedral which is located at the heart of Iloilo City. The National Historical Institute proclaimed Jaro Cathedral as a historical landmark and the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles in 1976.

Exploring Iloilo City - Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral

Molo Mansion
Also known as the Yusay-Consing Mansion, the Molo Mansion was built in the 1920s. The mansion boasts an outstanding colonial architecture which gave me an odd yet a glorious Espanyol vibe like what I've seen in Philippine historical movies.

Exploring Iloilo City - Molo Mansion Exploring Iloilo City - Molo Mansion Exploring Iloilo City - Molo Mansion

Inside the Molo Mansion, a few food stalls are situated so visitors can dine in while appreciating the beauty of the mansion. It was especially hot that day so I was craving for something cold which is why I got attracted to this cute coffee shop called Kurukape. I ordered an iced coffee for Php 75 and well, for its price, it served its purpose which was to quench my thirst and satisfy my craving for an iced coffee.

Exploring Iloilo City - Kurukape

Molo Church
This is the St. Anne Parish Church but it is more commonly known as the Molo church. This is a centuries-old church and a famous heritage site in the Molo District.

Exploring Iloilo City - Molo Church Exploring Iloilo City - Molo Church

We ended our city tour by enjoying a sumptuous dinner at the Camiña Balay Nga Bato. I was not able to take photos at this time because my phone battery was already dead. We got to try their famous tsokolate de batirol and man, it was the BESTESTTTTTT tsokolate I have ever tried in my entire life. No exaggerations! I'm such a sucker for anything made with tablea and the tsokolate is definitely a must-try.

Our trip to Iloilo City wouldn't be complete without having a taste of the famous Roberto's Siopao. While we were on a rolling tour, we saw this famous store but there was a long line so we didn't bother stopping over. Instead, we ordered and had it delivered to our hotel. I was already so full with what we had for dinner but I just had to take a bite (or two) because God knows when I would be able to go back to Iloilo City.

We had the King Siopao (they have four variants, by the way) which had chinese sausage, chicken-pork adobo, and egg for the filling. The King Siopao was huge and it can be shared by two people. The first bite was okay which made me curious and go for a second bite. I still wasn't sure if I liked it so I took another bite, and then another, until I ate half of it. That's when I realized it was good but since the filling was very generous, it kind of became overwhelming and cloying for me. Maybe when I come back, I'll go for the regular siopao, then.

Exoloring Iloilo City - Roberto's Siopao

Requirements when traveling to Iloilo City:
  • Fully vaccinated passengers: Vaccination card and one valid ID
  • Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers: One valid ID and a negative RT-PCR (swab/saliva) test result issued no later than 72 hours from the date of travel

Cebu Pacific flights to Iloilo
Of course, we flew to Iloilo via Cebu Pacific, so if you're planning to visit the City of Love, too, book your flights with Cebu Pacific where you are assured that EveryJuan travels easy and safe.

Cebu Pacific flights to Iloilo

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