New and improved Off-Duty Mama

Welcome to the new and improved look of my blog! I've changed this blog's theme countless times ever since its launch. And let's not talk about how much I've spent on those premium themes! Lol. I used to use free themes but reading stuff about those developers injecting malicious codes into their blog themes scared the heck out of me.

Etsy is my go-to shop for blog themes and it was only four years ago when I discovered the best (so far) Blogger theme developer. I have to say that ThemeShine creates the most beautiful and functional themes for Blogger. Her themes are all mobile-responsive, customizable, and designed with absolute attention to detail. She is very kind whenever I have questions or need assistance with the theme. She also provides a very detailed and user-friendly documentation. Every cent is totally worth it.

2018, the indecisive me purchased the Destiny and Alestar themes because I used to be a fan of the no-sidebar look. Four years later, I've grown out of it, thus, my third purchase. My current theme is called Moonchild and it's just perfect. The color and font choices are beautiful that I didn't have to change them. Well, except for the accent color—purple. I also updated my blog header to match the daintiness of my theme.

I am so in love with my theme right now that I don't think I'll change it in the next few years.

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