Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken and Ube Cheese Pie: It's a YES for me!

Jollibee's Sweet Chili Chicken and Ube Cheese Pie

There is indeed no stopping the world's famous fastfood chain, Jollibee. While they are loved for their signature and consistenly langhap sarap Chickenjoy, they are also continuously providing something new and unique to their customers. And I am so happy that yesterday, I got to try not just one, but two of their newest offerings—Sweet Chili Chicken and Ube Cheese Pie.

Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken

Sweet Chili Chicken - The world-famous Chickenjoy is coated with a sweet chili glaze giving it a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I have always been a fan of the sweet and spicy combination and i'm so happy that Jollibee added this delicious twist. Definitely a must-try!

The Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken is available for only Php89 (solo), Php115 (with drink), Php320 (4-pc box), or Php475 (6-pc box).

Jollibee Ube Cheese Pie Jollibee Ube Cheese Pie

Ube Cheese Pie - Since the quarantine, the ube and cheese pairing took the country by storm. Even I, myself, got addicted to this unique combination. Today, Jollibee wants to give us a unique and new reason to be excited about this sweet and savoury combination by launching their very own Ube Cheese Pie! Savoury cheese, sweet and nutty ube, balanced out by Jollibee's signature golden, crispy pie crust—two thumbs up! It's surprisingly good!

Try the Ube Cheese Pie now for only Php35 (solo), Php100 (3 pies to-go), or Php199 (6 pies to-go).

You don't want to miss these newest offerings of Jollibee so order now through the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, or foodpanda! Also available for takeout and drive-thru.

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