My skincare game-changing experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

I have my own tried-and-true skincare routine which I have been religiously doing for more than two years now. So when I paid a visit to Bodyworx Medical Spa, I was confident to undergo the Visia Skin Analysis because I thought my skin's doing just fine. However, the skin analysis results showed otherwise! I was shocked and alarmed at the same time but I learned so much that I knew I had to step up my skin care game.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

Bodyworx Medical Spa is a nonsurgical center by Dr. Andy William Mantilla and Dr. Sugar Emily Estella-Mantilla. They offer a combination of pampering spa treatments and a wide variety of medical-grade skin care treatments. If you think this is one of those facial clinics where you can easily choose any facial service, you're wrong. Although you can still walk in and ask for their Signature Facial service if you really just want to get a facial, I'm just saying that Bodyworx Medical Spa is the best place to go to if you want to target and treat specific skin concerns.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

I visited Bodyworx with no expectations. I went there on a Wednesday afternoon and was well-received by their kind frontliners. Their waiting area is so pretty I had to take a photo of it. There are only four rooms at Bodyworx which means they can only accommodate four clients at a time. They are usually fully-booked during weekends so it's best that you call them for an appointment. If you walk-in and cannot be accommodated at the moment, they offer a mani-pedi service that you can avail while waiting.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

First-time clients at Bodyworx are required to fill out a registration form for profiling. It's a three-page form and there's a section in the form where you need to write down the skin care products you are currently using. This information will be useful during the skin analysis discussion with the doctor.

Okay, so this is the most interesting part during my visit at Bodyworx. It was my first time in 27 years to have my skin analyzed and I'm glad I did it. Because like I said earlier, I thought my skin's current condition is good but it actually isn't. Before the skin analysis, Doc Andy asked one of their staff to wash my face first since I had makeup on. Then we proceeded with the skin analysis. Bodyworx is using the Visia Skin Analysis technology. It captures high quality facial images, assesses your skin condition, and measures the following areas: Wrinkles, Pores, Texture, UV spots, Spots, Brown Spots, Red Areas, and Porphyrins. It also shows your TrueSkin Age where your skin age is rated against your actual age.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

I positioned my face in the Visia Skin Analysis device and the entire process took only about a minute. The device captures from three different angles—front, left, and right—using various types of light to capture the entire skin condition. Then Doctor Andy explained to me the results of the skin analysis which I will be sharing to you guys as well.

The eight areas I mentioned earlier are assessed through percentile scoring. The higher the percentile score, the better your skin health is. Doc Andy told me that scores 50% and below are problematic and should be treated (if you want to).

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

  • Texture - This measures areas with uneven skin tone, dry, inflamed, and rough skin. My score was 97% so there was nothing much to look into really. The only problem I had was my uneven skin tone, especially in my forehead area, which I have long been trying to fix but I just can't seem to. Any tips? Haha.
  • Pores - This analyzes the enlarged pores which is usually caused by hereditary and environmental factors. I have an oily combination skin type so I know that my pores are quite large in my T-Zone area which, as you can see, was actually detected by the device. If you're curious how to make your pores smaller, you can't. You can't shrink your pore size but there are several ways to make it appear smaller (Google it *wink*). And while I have tried using AHAs and BHAs in the past to try to achieve it but I have given up on this mission. I am just too lazy to deal with acids. The method I'm currently using the is the ice cube method. I rub an ice cube all over my face for 15 seconds every after washing my face. This method helps in tightening the pores to prevent them from clogging. This can also help soothe pimples, sunburn, redness, inflammation, and tighten the wrinkles.
  • Spots - The spots are sun-induced brown or red marks and are usually visible by the naked eye. I had a score of 62% so I'm still quite okay in this area.
  • Wrinkles - Doc Andy explained that there are two types of wrinkles: Dynamic and Static. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by the contraction of the muscles so these can usually be evident when we smile or laugh. Static wrinkles, on the other hand, are evident even when our face is at rest. This means that it's constantly visible so this type is the one we should be worrying about. Static wrinkles are caused by gravity (that's why our skin tend to sag as we age), loss of fat and collagen, and loss of skin's elasticity. In my case, I had a 48% percentile score area because static fine lines are already visible in my eye area. Does this mean I have to start drinking collagen drinks and taking collagen supplements religiously? Haha.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

  • Red Areas - The concentrated dark red areas are typically inflammations or spider veins. In my case, I had a 65% score which isn't that bad but the red area on the sides of my nose has also been one of my long-time skin concern and Doc Andy told me that this can only be treated through laser. Well, this is duly noted. Maybe soon, when I can afford. For now, a concealer will do. Haha.
  • Porphyrins - This analyzes the amount of bacteria on the surface of the skin. My score was 74% which was okay but here are my tips to lessen the amount of bacteria on your face: 1) Gently wash your face for 30-60 seconds; 2) Always double cleanse when wearing makeup. Your cleanser might not be able to remove all the dirt and makeup so make sure you clean your face with a gentle makeup remover first.; 3) The most important tip, AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Touching your face with your hands and leaning on surfaces and objects can transfer and spread the bacteria on your face which can result to dirty and clogged pores.
  • Brown Spots - This measures the pigmentation and discoloration on and beneath the surface of the skin. Brown spots and UV Spots typically go hand-in-hand because both are caused by sun damage. My scores for these areas are the lowest which are at 31% and 17% respectively. I will be explaining this more on the UV Spots bullet below.
  • UV Spots - This shows the amount of UV sun damage or solar elastosis. So let me ask you, how often do you apply sunscreen on your face? Or do you even use one? Well, I'm here to tell you that SUNSCREEN IS LIFE. And that's why I failed at these areas. Doc Andy told me that sunscreen should be reapplied every two to four hours to ensure maximum protection throughout the day. But what I have been doing for the past years was applying it only once. Right before I apply makeup. So take note that even when you're indoors, applying sunscreen is still a must because you are still exposed to harmful UVA rays because they penetrate through glass and windows. Doc Andy also advised me to use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. But what does broad spectrum mean? How should you know what type of sunscreen to use?

    There are two types of harmful rays that can damage our skin—UVA and UVB. UVA rays cause the premature aging of your skin such as wrinkling and appearance of age/brown spots. UVB rays cause sunburn. So when we say broad spectrum, you are protected from both. Now, there are also two types of sunscreen: Physical and Chemical.

    Doc Andy highly recommended to use a physical sunscreen. Why? Because it works on top of the skin thus creating a barrier that deflects the UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. That's why this type of sunscreen is called sunblock because it literally blocks the harmful rays to penetrate to your skin. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, absorb these UV rays into the skin, convert it into heat, and release it from the skin. If you want to know if you're currently using a physical or chemical sunscreen, check the ingredients list. Physical sunscreens use mineral-based ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Chemical sunscreens use avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone. You can read this article for more information.

After learning all these, I swore I'm never going to take applying sunscreen for granted ever again. It's never too late to start, change, or level up your skincare routine!

After the skin analysis, Doc Andy asked one of their staff to prepare a room for me. When the room was ready, I got inside and changed into one of their robes. It was my first time! Typical facial clinics don't have this "benefit". Haha. After changing, Doc Andy and the staff who will be handling me came in. Doc Andy instructed her on the treatments that will be administered to me. These treatments were based on the results of my skin analysis. Customized facial, y'all!

Now I know you're curious how much it would cost you at Bodyworx Medical Spa and I asked Doc Andy the same thing too. The Signature Facial I mentioned earlier costs Php 1800 and you can freely avail this service. However, if you want the same customized facial like mine, the price may vary because of the processes and treatments that will be administered based on your targeted skin concern/s.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

  • Step 1: Cleansing - Super basic step. My face was gently cleansed using their own cleanser.
  • Step 2: Steaming - Next, steam cream was applied all over my face to prepare my face for steaming. The cream helps soften the comedones so it'll be easier to extract them.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

  • Step 3: Pricking - My all-time favorite step. I have a high pain tolerance but I love that the staff who handled me was super gentle. I actually wanted to sleep during this time but I had to stay awake for the blog. Haha!

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

Since they weren't fully-booked when I went there, Doc Andy generously gave me a free mani service. He said they offered the mani-pedi services because they wanted their clients to maximize their "me time" and lessen the hassle of going to a nail salon after the facial.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

  • Step 4: High Frequency - This is also a technique I am very familiar with. A glass high frequency electrode is used in this process where you can feel mild electrical buzzes when applied to the surface of the skin. This treatment is mainly used to kill bacteria.
  • Step 5: Exfoliation - A wand-like device was used to exfoliate my entire face. There were also mild electrical buzzes as it was gently rubbed all over my face but I liked it. A neo-brightening gel was applied before the exfoliation process which actually helps lighten the dark spots. The device also smoothens the uneven texture on the surface of the skin.
  • Step 6: Facial Massage - A similar device was used to massage my face to relax my facial muscles.
  • Step 7: Radio Frequency - This step is to tighten the skin. The entire process took 25 minutes.

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

  • Step 8: Phototherapy - It was my first time to experience this. Phototherapy is meant to minimize redness, kills bacteria, and has anti-aging effects.
  • Step 9: Moisturize - A moisturizer with hyaluronic acid was applied all over my face.
  • Step 10: Sunblock - Last step was the most important step. And you know why. *wink*

My Skin Care Game-Changing Experience at Bodyworx Medical Spa

It was my first time to try a customized facial and I will surely come back for more. I was very satisfied with Bodyworx Medical Spa so I highly recommend them to you who's looking for an extraordinary facial experience. Special thanks to Doc Andy and Doc Sugar for letting me try their services. See you again soon! :)

Bodyworx Medical Spa
Retail Unit 1, Solinea Tower 1, Cebu Business Park
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-9PM / Sunday 10AM-7PM
Contact No.: (032) 479 2081 / +63 927 002 2679


  1. Hello, how much is the Visia Skin Analysis?

    1. Hi, so sorry for the late response! I believe the Visia Skin Analysis is part of the free consultation. You may contact them for inquiries. :)