Have you ever wondered how it feels to hold a real gun? Because I did. I have always wondered how it feels in action movies because the actors made it look so easy.

Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club - Wandering Ella

There is always a first time. I have never included shooting a real gun in my bucket list because I know that the chances are really, really slim. And let's be real, I can't afford it. However, a few weeks ago, I was given the amazing opportunity to experience it for FREE!!! So I guess, I have to tick it off on my list even if it's really not there. Lol. Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club is the first and only indoor shooting range located just within Cebu City. It's definitely the perfect place for gun enthusiasts to improve their shooting skills and for people like me who are really curious on how it really feels to hold and shoot a real gun. Yes guys, the guns that they are using in the club are REAL!

Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club - Wandering Ella

One of the highlights at Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club is that their professional trainers are beautiful, badass ladies! There were two trainers who accommodated us that day and I was one of the first who tried the shooting activity. The trainer who guided me was really nice and she gave clear instructions on how to properly hold the gun, cock it, and fire. Each of us was given five bullets to shoot. At first, she loaded the gun with one bullet only for a test shoot. I was really nervous but I was also very determined to hit the target. When she made me see the target paper, I was so proud of myself that I actually hit the left cheek (which was one of the critical parts in the paper)!!! Good job, self!

After that, she loaded the gun with the remaining four bullets and provided me another set of instructions to shoot the gun continuously. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins and I was feeling nervous and so excited at the same time. I held the gun so firmly, cocked it, and fired four times. After the action-packed experience, I checked my target paper again and wow, I hit the left eye, left wrist, stomach, and the crotch! And all of them were inside the critical areas as well! I definitely need a pat on the back, what do you think?

Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club - Wandering Ella Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club - Wandering Ella

I never knew that firing a gun was such a fun experience and I swear that I'd rather go back to the shooting range than try the Edge Coaster at Crown Regency! But of course guys, a friendly reminder, all these are for fun only so don't take my shooting-a-gun-is-fun outside the professional shooting environment, 'kay?

Anyway, here are a few details for your reference just in case you want to try at Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club.

Gun Rental with Ammo Packages:

- One target board
- 30 rounds ammunition (except on Long Rifle)
- Per bullet charge in excess of 30 rounds
- Maximum of 2 persons only

Gun Type Walk-In Rate Guest Rate Club Ultima Member Rate
Pistol A (Trooper 9mm / Omega Caliber 40 / Thunderbolt Caliber 45) Php 3000 Php 2250 Php 1950
Pistol B (M&P Caliber 357 / Bersa Caliber 380) Php 3600 Php 3000 Php 2500
Revolver (Smith & Wesson 357 / Llama Caliber 357) Php 3000 Php 2250 Php 1950
Long Rifle (Marlin Long Rifle Caliber 22 - 50 Rounds) Php 3000 Php 2250 Php 1950
Shotgun (SAS 12 12 Gauge) Php 4500 Php 3000 Php 2250
Tactical (X9 Tactical 9mm) Php 3600 Php 2250 Php 1950
Assault (M4-Rifle Caliber 5.56mm) Php 4500 Php 3000 Php 2550

Club Ultima Sharp Shooters Club
Basement 2, Club Ultima Tower
Fuente OsmeƱa, Blvd., Cebu City
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, Sunday 11AM - 8PM / Saturday 9AM - 9PM
For more information, please call: (032) 418 7975
Website: www.ultimasharpshooters.com

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