Coco Cider Soap Launches in Cebu
Before Apple Cider rose to fame, there was already Coco Cider. It was a well-kept secret in many tropical countries because of its numerous health benefits. But to be honest, I have only heard about Coco Cider when I attended the launching of a soap that is made of it. And this is actually what the CEO of Coco Cider Soap wants. To let the people know that Coco Cider exists and that we should support and make use of our local resources more. The Coco Cider Soap started with the Luzon market and they are now slowly penetrating the Visayas and Mindanao markets.

The Coco Cider Soap was launched last February 2019 and has since grown to be a vrowd favorite for its cleansing and clarifying effect on the skin. The soap is made of natural, raw, and unfiltered Coco Cider Vinegar infused with Activated Bamboo Charcoal. Coco Cider helps in moisturizing the skin, prevents skin cancer, treats oily skin, and has antioxidants that slow down the ageing process to provide a youthful skin. The Activated Bamboo Charcoal, on the other hand, fights acne, reduces pore size, tightens the skin, clears blemishes, and treats psoriasis. And together, these two ingredients, contribute to the overall wellness of the skin.

Coco Cider Soap Launches in Cebu Coco Cider Soap Launches in Cebu Coco Cider Soap Launches in Cebu Coco Cider Soap Launches in Cebu

What do I think about the Coco Cider Soap?

After the launching event, I got curious about the soap so I decided to try it. I used the soap on my body twice a day for one week straight. I love that the soap really lathers well and it does not melt easily so one bar will surely last long. After shower, my skin feels really clean and I still apply lotion or any moisturizer because although the soap is not really drying, I just can't stand not moisturizing my body. The soap claims intense whitening but I haven't seen any significant change in my complexion since it has only been a week but I will continue using it. Nevertheless, I think this soap is worth a try.

However, this soap is not readily available in supermarkets so it can be quite difficult to get a hold of it. For now, this soap is directly sold by authorized dealers and distributors and on Lazada as well.

Coco Cider Soap Launches in Cebu

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