My Bazi destiny consultation experience with Master Judith Eugenio

My Bazi Destiny Consultation Experience with Master Judith Eugenio

I have only seen destiny reading in movies. Never have I thought that I would experience it firsthand. I got excited at the idea of knowing and understanding my destiny path. It was only a few hours ago that I finished my Bazi Destiny Consultation with Master Judith Eugenio and I was mind-blown. No kidding. And I would like to share to you how our session went.

What is Bazi Consultation?
Bazi is a destiny reading system based on the date and time of birth. So if you're planning to book a session, make sure to check your birth certificate and take note of the information needed. The correlation of the date and time of your birth is vital to knowing your destiny path as it can lead to clarity in your decision making, understanding yourself better, and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

Bazi can be used to answer questions such as: Which business industry or career should I pursue?, Is he/she the right person for me?, What are my potential health risks?, Should I stay in the country or work abroad?, and more. But know that your destiny is not 100% fixed. Understanding your own Bazi can only help you how to best maximize what you have and bring in what you don't have.

The Bazi Consultation I had with Master Judith Eugenio was eye-opening and amazing. She used a tool that showed my Bazi Chart based on my date and time of birth. And basing from the chart, which I really did not understand because the page mostly consisted of Chinese characters, she gave me a deeper analysis and these are what she told me:
  • My Day master (a referential point that represents your real nature) is Ren-Yang Water. The element of water symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, so I am distinguished by natural intelligence. Know more about Day masters here.
  • I have a strong desire to learn more, to research, to plan, but I need to work more on my structure and methodology to put things into action. Plans can only be plans until I execute them.
  • I need to practice self control and self discipline. Noted!
  • I need to manage my expenses to avoid a money-in-money-out situation. Which is really true. Wealth management is very important for me since my chart showed that I don't have the wood day master which symbolizes the effort and execution to generate money. With this, I need to effectively manage what I have so no more impulsive lipstick buying, I guess? Hahaha!
  • Once I deliver my second child, my wealth luck will drastically change in a positive way. Wow! This is duly noted! Hahaha!
  • I will do well in management in terms of career. I was amazed by this so I told Miss Judith that this is what I have been sharing to my manager because I want to manage people one day. I want to take the management path. Miss Judith told me that what you seek is seeking you. And I was dumbfounded because I realized, it's true.
  • I need to learn how to communicate what I want, how I feel, and what I think more. Oops! Guilty!
  • The marriage affinity in my Bazi Chart is weak because I can be too controlling. Oops! Guilty again! Huhu. This means that the guys may get scared because of this. I need to work on this stat! Haha.
  • Lastly, the one that I remember the most, she said that I'm going to meet someone this month. HAHAHAHA! Let's see!

Master Judith Eugenio is a well-known certified Bazi Destiny and Feng Shui consultant. Her expertise lies in San He Feng Shui techniques that balance the energy via landform Feng Shui. She is also a practitioner of Qi Men Dun Jia, Face Reading, and of course, Bazi analysis. She is currently based here in Cebu but she is one of the most sought after professional Feng Shui and Bazi Consultant in the Philippines. She has already done Bazi consulting to over 1,000 clients and as a way to give back to her loyal customers and followers, she will be offering all her services at 50% OFF.

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  • Bazi Destiny Reading: Live Consultation (for Cebu-based clients), Online Consultation, or 12-month Personalized Bazi Report
  • Feng Shui Consultation: Feng Shui for homes, condos, commercial buildings, or offices
  • Date Selection: Selection of dates for wedding, business opening, contract signing, house/office renovation, or business travel

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