Staycation series: The Henry Hotel Cebu booked via Traveloka

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

I am a staycation kind of mama. Whenever I feel like I need a quick break, the first thing that always comes to my mind is staying at a hotel for one night. I've been to a few hotels and resorts here in Cebu already (although I haven't blogged about all of them) so I thought of doing a blog series about it and it's called Staycation Series. Very catchy, don't you think? Haha! I have updated some of my old posts adding it on the title but for my "pilot" post in launching this series, I will share to you our most recent staycation in, I have to say, the most unique and artsy hotel in the city—The Henry Hotel Cebu.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

The Henry Hotel Cebu is located in Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road in Banilad. I'm pretty sure the hotel is not difficult to find because it's the only hotel—that I know—painted with black. I said unique, right? Our staycation was scheduled last October 13 to 14 and imagine how Zayn was so giddy for the weekend to come when I told him.

Receiving Area
The check-in time at The Henry Hotel Cebu is 2PM and we arrived just right on time. At the receiving area, I showed the front desk officer the screenshot of my booking voucher and she processed my booking. While waiting, we were given a refreshing welcome drink which Zayn really loved. After a few minutes, the front desk officer gladly told me that we were given a free room upgrade and I was ecstatic! I filled out an information sheet and was given our key card. Check-in time!

By the way, can you see how their receiving area is just so cool?

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Extra Large Room
I booked us a Large Room but with the room upgrade, we were given the Extra Large Room. When Zayn and I went inside, we were amazed. We have never stayed in a room that big. Zayn ran around while I arranged our things and prepared for photo taking. One thing that sets apart The Henry Hotel Cebu from all the other hotels I've been to is that their rooms are not the usual hotel rooms. Their rooms are filled with so much art. Each of their rooms have unique designs and styles to evoke different moods. Behind our bed was a mural, there were paintings in some parts of the wall, and there were vintage furniture. Everything was just so extra. Indeed, at The Henry Hotel Cebu, there are no bland rooms.

The Extra Large Room we got had one queen bed and a sofa. I think this room can accommodate a maximum of four people. We had the al cable TV, minibar, safety deposit box, and all other usual amenities. Some of their Extra Large Rooms have bathtubs and unfortunately, ours didn't. That would've been so much better! Haha.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Pool Area
After we were settled, I was planning to go for a power nap but Zayn just won't waste the afternoon away. He kept on bugging me to go to the swimming pool for an afternoon swim. That's actually the most important thing I look for hotels, by the way. There has to be a swimming pool because Zayn just won't enjoy the staycation without it. He loves the water so much. Haha. So off we went to the pool area. The pool area is not that big but it was enough. I let Zayn enjoy it for an hour and went back to our room to change. The next morning, after breakfast, I joined him in the pool and it was raining. It made our swimming pool experience much cooler! He was so happy. Lol.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Rica's Cafe
Speaking of breakfast, the room I booked included free breakfast for two people. My sister stayed with us, by the way, so we both availed the free breakfast and Zayn had it free of charge. I'm not sure but I think children 5 years old and below are free. Anyway, one thing I always look forward to during staycations is breakfast. So we went down to Rica's Cafe, their all-day restaurant, to have breakfast. They didn't have a large buffet spread compared to the others I've tried. They had what I was looking for—cereals, bread and butter, and scrambled eggs. BUT NOT EVERYTHING. BACON and HOT CHOCOLATE. It made me quite sad and disappointed. I'm not really a coffee drinker so I really look for hot chocolate in breakfast buffets and sadly, they didn't have. They only had coffee, milk, and juices. And of course, the bacon! We asked one of their staff and he said that bacon are during Fridays only. It's just sad. Why not have it all week? Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our breakfast.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Our entire stay at The Henry Hotel Cebu was really nice and I'm happy that we had the chance to have a very unique hotel experience. If you're looking for a place to stay within Cebu City and you want to experience something new, then obviously, I highly recommend you go for The Henry Hotel Cebu.

Booking with the Traveloka app
Our staycation was made possible by Traveloka Philippines. I booked our room through their mobile app and the process was very smooth and fast it took me just less then ten minutes! So here, let me quickly walk you through on how you can book your hotels through the Traveloka mobile app too.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Step 1: Search for your desired hotel
Open your Traveloka mobile app and click the Hotels option. Type in the specific hotel you are looking for or you can just type in the area to search for the available hotels within that area. Select your check-in and check-out dates, number of guests and/or rooms, and filter some options based on your preference. Click the Search button.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Step 2: Select room
After you have chosen your hotel, now it's time to select your preferred room. You can check the photos displayed to help you decide. And you also need to check the inclusions of the room rate.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Step 3: Fill out required information
Next, double check all the details and proceed in filling out the required information.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Step 4: Select payment method
After you have filled everything out, continue to the payment step. What's great with Traveloka is they offer very convenient payment options that can cater to people who don't have access to the online payment methods. In my case, I selected the PayPal option. I think depending on the payment method that you choose, Traveloka will provide you a period of time to complete your payment. As you can see, for PayPal, the payment has to be completed within 2.5 hours. For offline options, over-the-counter and bank deposit, I'm sure the grace period is more than that, 24 hours maybe.

Staycation Series: The Henry Hotel Cebu

Step 5: Claim your Booking Voucher
After you have completed the payment, you will be redirected to the page notifying that your purchase was successful. Wait for a few minutes for your hotel voucher to be issued. Once available, you can take a screenshot and show it at the hotel upon arrival.

As I have mentioned, my first experience with the Traveloka mobile app was quick and easy. I'm planning to have a staycation for our whole family this Christmas and pretty sure, I'll book it through the Traveloka app! How about you? Have you tried using the Traveloka app?

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Traveloka Philippines, however, all thoughts and opinions in this post are solely mine.


  1. Derick and I used to come here but we haven't stayed a night yet. We only dine at Rica's Cafe as they serve good food. Love the quirky design of both hotel and restaurant. :-)

    1. Haven't tried their ala carte menu, Ate, pero their breakfast buffet was so-so lang. Maybe soon kung makabalik ko didtong dapita. Haha!

  2. Ang ganda!!! Gusto ko yung vibes ng place. Ang chill lang. Talagang nakakarelax.♡