Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park
I am a breakfast person and I could never last a day without having one. Last month, exactly on my birthday, I wanted to start my day right by giving myself a lovely breakfast. My mind has been set that we go and try this restaurant called Soho Park which I have long been raving about. This cafe slash restaurant is located in Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City. They open as early as 7:30 in the morning and when we got there, a few people were already enjoying their meals. We ordered ours and when it was served, I thought, "Gosh. I never had breakfast this beautiful."

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park

First, the overall look of the restaurant was very appealing to the eyes that you would love to come back every single day. The interior design has this New York-inspired feels that will give you a chic and cozy dining experience. I can just feel how every single detail of the restaurant's design and ornaments were very carefully thought of. I enjoyed wandering my eyes all over the place while we waited for our orders. And did I say that they have nice and accommodating staff?

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park
(left-right): Espresso (Single) - Php 80, Iced Macchiato (Large) - Php 140

Of course, we got ourselves some coffee to kickstart our day. Sheen got his single espresso shot and I got myself an Iced Macchiato. There's actually nothing very special with the coffee that I had as it was just like any other Macchiato that I had from the past. But still, it was good.

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park

Earlier, I mentioned that I honestly thought I never had a breakfast spread as beautiful as this. Because really, just look at that! I'd like to commend them for placing very photogenic and Instagrammable tables that totally matched their beautifully-plated food.

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park
French Toast - Php 190

First up is their French Toast. Let me just repeat what I have said. I never had a French Toast as beautiful as this. And though it's pricey for a piece of bread that was just sliced into two, I have to say that it's one of the best French Toasts I have ever had. The cheese on top, I don't know what kind it is, really went well with the toast.

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park
Fresh Herb Omelette & Parmesan - Php 140

It was our first time to have a Fresh Herb Omelette and it was really really good. The omelette was very fragrant and flavorful with all the herbs that was put in it. It was very fluffy too which we really liked that we honestly thought of copying this and make our own at home.

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park
Bavette Steak Beef Tapa - Php 180

Now this Bavette Steak Beef Tapa, I had it all for myself since Sheen doesn't eat meat. The photo may not give justice but the serving is actually quite big that I thought I couldn't eat everything. But you know what? It was so good no one grain of rice was left in that skillet. The beef was surprisingly very tender, juicy, and tasty. The garlic rice was legit too! It's incomparable to those "commercialized" garlic rice you get from fastfood restaurants.

Beautiful Breakfast at Soho Park

And that's us right before we stuffed ourselves with all the food that we ordered. Their prices might be quite pricey but we were very satisfied with our breakfast experience at Soho Park and we will surely come back for lunch and dinner next time. :)

Soho Park
Ground Floor, Asia Premier Residences, Abad Street
Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
Opening Hours: 7:30AM - 12:30 MN