Day hike to Mt. Mauyog

Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog

It's been a while since I've last climbed up a peak and I'm glad that finally, after a few months, I ticked off another one on my list last weekend. Our day hike to Mt. Mauyog was a short planned trip and I'm just happy that it pushed through. I thought it was going to be an easy hike but nothing ever comes easy, right? Climbing up to reach the peak was quite a struggle but the view from the top was breathtaking, and that's all that matters. ]]

Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog

Initially, we planned to meet up at Ayala Center Cebu Terminal where we can ride a V-Hire going to Balamban. There were only four of us — Ritzy, Selah, me, and Gershon. Luckily, when Gershon confirmed that he was going and said he's taking his car with him, we all agreed that we'll just take his car and pay him for the gas instead. We met up at JY Square in Lahug at 6AM and had a quick breakfast at McDonald's. We took off a little before 7AM and arrived at our starting point around 8AM.

Based on my research, we were supposed to take the Sunog Trail where the hike will take us longer to reach the summit but since we took a car with us, we started our hike more or less a kilometer away from the foot of Mt. Mauyog, where we found an empty lot to park the car. We walked for a while and when we started ascending at the point where Selah claimed it was the path they took before, someone suddenly shouted, "Hoy! Dili na paagian diha!" (Hey! You can't pass there!). We were honestly confused if it was us who they meant so we went back down and went straight to where the locals were. Ritzy asked one of the locals in the area and she was told that the trail we took was already a private property and we were not allowed to pass through there.

But to be honest, we believed that they only said that so we can pay the Php 30 registration fee (per person) and the Php 300 mandatory guide fee. We didn't mind the registration fee but the mandatory guide fee? It's not making sense especially when you're with someone who's already familiar with the trail. We told them we don't really need a guide since one of us has already been there and knows the way but they insisted that it was really mandated by we don't know whom since they kept saying "mao may ingon nila" (that's what they say). But anyway, we paid the fees and started ascending together with our guide.

Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog

The trail to the summit was steep. I struggled with the hike starting from the foot up until the part where the trail was purely soil and the path was too narrow. Good thing I was behind our guide so she held me while going up. When we reached the part where there were rocks already, I no longer worried but of course, it was another challenge. We passed through thorny plants and climbed boulders. We took short breaks to catch our breath and continued ascending. At 9AM, we reached the first peak (there are two peaks in Mt. Mauyog) and finally saw the beautiful rock formation that I have always seen from the blogs. It was amazing seeing it from other people's photos but it was even more amazing seeing it with my own eyes.

During the hike, you will reach a point where you'll notice two paths, one going to the right and the other to the left. I mentioned earlier that Mauyog has two peaks and both paths go to each of those peaks. The path to the right will take you to the peak that has been famous for its unique brain-like rock formation which makes it picture-perfect. Refer to photos below.

Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog

Meanwhile, the path to the left will lead you to the peak where the rock formations are bigger. See photos below.

Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog

We started our descent around 11AM since we were planning to go on a side trip after having our lunch. I have to say that even if we didn't take the normal trail like other hikers did, climbing Mt. Mauyog was still challenging for me. I don't climb frequently so every time I do it, I struggle. But at least, it wasn't as difficult as what we've experienced in climbing Sirao Peak. Haha. Like I said, nothing ever comes easy. Just always remember that whenever it feels like an uphill struggle, think of the view from the top. *wink*