August 29, 2017

A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects

A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects
As a mom to a toddler, I always make sure that I keep a watchful eye over Zayn even though I have a full time job. Usually, I message my mom to ask for updates on how Zayn did at school, how his day went, has he eaten already, and more others I would like to know about while I'm away. Sheen and I have mutually decided on how we wanted to raise Zayn. We wanted him to go out, explore, and experience the things we never did in our childhood years. Though there are times that I become restrictive, I just can't change the fact that there will be times that I need to be away from Zayn to work, fulfill other responsibilities, and achieve my goal to regularly have the "me" time that every mom needs.

A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects

Last weekend, Zayn and I attended a event organized by Nido Advanced Protectus 3+. It wasn't the first time that I brought Zayn to my blogging events, but it was the first time I brought him to a parent-child event. Nido Philippines made this event possible to give us mothers the confidence to continue with our responsibilities without having to worry about our little ones.

A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects

The event was showcased through a heart-shaped activity booth with interactive parent-child activities. This was to emphasize how a mom's love is a love that protects. The activities were also to bring out the creativity and teamwork of the parents and their children. It was indeed a very educational and fun-filled bonding for Zayn and I and the other parents and kids as well.

A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects A Mom's Love is a #LoveThatProtects

They also had a booth that gives free glasses of Nido Advanced Protectus 3+. Zayn was eager to grab the free milk and he loved it. He's actually a Nido kid ever since he turned 2 years old. Now that he doesn't drink in a feeding bottle anymore, he drinks a glass of Nido every night before he sleeps. Most of the times, he's even the one who reminds me that he wants to drink milk. LOL. And ever since we attended the event, Zayn always tells me to make his Nido as delicious as what he had during the free taste. Mama is pressured!

Anyway, I would just like to thanks Nido Philippines and Ogilvy Public Relations Manila for inviting us! It was a very fun day for us!

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