The popular saying, "Don't judge the book by its cover", holds true for Kayu Kitchen + Bar, one of the newest luxury restaurants here in the metro. When I first heard about it, I simply thought it was a casual dining kind of restaurant. I actually didn't mind about it but I still urged myself to check them out so I Googled them and viewed the menu on their website. The moment I saw the prices, I immediately closed the tab and forgot about Kayu Kitchen + Bar. But then, recently, there was an invitation for bloggers to come and visit Kayu and I thought, "Why not?", so I went and then moment by moment, I gradually realized one thing. That anyone should not get intimidated with Kayu Kitchen + Bar.

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar

The word Kayu, is derived from the Cebuano dialect, kalayo, which means fire and fire equals passion. This luxurious restaurant is the brainchild of Chef "Izzy" Francis Sy who simply wanted to share his burning passion for cooking to his hometown - Cebu City. With culinary degrees in International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu (ICAAC) and The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Chef Izzy took inspiration from different parts of the world to achieve a modern fusion cuisine to provide the Cebuano market a unique dining experience. And with all these being said, I know Kayu still sounds intimidating, but really, that shouldn't be the case.

How Kayu Kitchen + Bar Looks Inside

Upon entering, you'll be greeted by a huge Kayu emblem and lovely modern interiors. The fine dining setup may also seem appalling, but I have to say that it perfectly adds character to the Kayu brand and everything is just beautifully designed and well positioned. Besides, any dining experience would never be amazing without a beautiful setting, right?

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar Kayu Kitchen + Bar

Kayu Kitchen + Bar's Unique Fusion Items

During the food tasting event, Chef Izzy served us food that were mostly out-of-the-ordinary items in their menu. Most of these items are not their "bestsellers" per se but they undoubtedly justify the "unique" and one-of-a-kind dining experience that Kayu Kitchen + Bar wants to give their customers.

Anyway, I cannot provide a thorough feedback for each of the dish I'll be mentioning below but I'll tell you which of them stood out for me (per category). Also, the photos may not do justice to the serving sizes of the dishes but one thing's for sure, these items may be expensive but each serving is totally good for sharing. And this is by the way, one of the reasons why you shouldn't get intimidated with the pricey food at Kayu Kitchen + Bar.

Kayu Kitchen + Bar


Kayu Kitchen + Bar Fish Taco - PHP 280

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Belly Chips (available in their Tapas Bar) - Php 190

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Scallion Appetizer - Php 380

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Beetroot Salad - PHP 320

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Tomato Sriracha Soup (item available in Lunch Set menu)

For the Appetizers, the best-tasting dish for me are the Belly Chips. They were sooooo good! I was like eating several strips of bacon but only sweeter and crispier.


Kayu Kitchen + Bar Charred Octopus - PHP 390

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Pork Pork Pork - PHP 650

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Poached Red Snapper - PHP 450

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Glazed Salmon - PHP 490

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Braised Shortrib - PHP 950

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Duck Confit - PHP 490

For the Entrees, I cannot pick one because they were all uniquely good. My top three best-tasting dishes though are the Glazed Salmon, Pork Pork Pork, and the Braised Shortrib.


Kayu Kitchen + Bar Nutella Cheesecake - PHP 240

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Sizzling Caramel Bar - PHP 185

Lastly, for the Desserts, it was the Sizzling Caramel Bar that definitely caught me. I never thought I would be delighted with the caramel flavor but I did. And I'm so disappointed with myself that either I wasn't able to really capture the video or I accidentally deleted it. And that particular video was when the caramel sauce was poured into the sizzling plate and the caramel sauce went bubbling and you can really hear the sizzling sound. I wanted to show it to you but I guess I can't do that now. *cries*

Lunch Set

And then, here we go to the best reason why you shouldn't get intimidated with the "expensive" aura of Kayu Kitchen + Bar at all. Because they recently launched a 4-course lunch set for everyone to enjoy and for only PHP 450! That's a pretty good deal already and I say you go grab it! You can refer to their Lunch Set menu below.

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Photo grabbed from Kayu Kitchen + Bar Facebook page

Kayu Kitchen + Bar
32 Sanson by Rockwell, Lahug, Cebu City
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:30AM - 2:30PM (Lunch) / 5:30PM - 10PM (Dinner)
Tapas Bar: Friday - Saturday 10PM - 1AM
Breakfast: Saturday - Sunday 7:30AM - 10:30AM
Contact Nos.: +63 917 708 3883 / (032) 406 3095


  1. The lookof the restaurant n bar is really posh

  2. If the ambiance and the food look as good as these, then the prices aren't intimidating at all. I want to try the Duck Confit and Glazed Salmon. Waaaa galaway ko, Janine! Nice kaayo ang place for romantic dates. Murag lami sad ilang lunch set menu. :-)

    1. Waaaah, Ate! Ang Glazed Salmon was the bomb! Bisag unsaon lami gyud ang Salmon! Haha. And surprisingly, na-enjoy sad nako ang Duck! First time nako mukaon og Duck! :D

  3. Wow, the interior sure looks so luxurious! Magdadalawang-isip talaga ako pumasok kasi mukhang soshalen haha Seeing the individual prices, I'm thinking it's really expensive but when I saw the lunch set price below, I think that's quite affordable already :)

    1. The Lunch Set was offered to provide the Cebuanos a more affordable choice kasi kami mga Cebuano ang dali talagang ma intimidate kapag expensive yung prices. HAHA

  4. Wow! New resto again in the city. :)

    Hope i can drop by when i get home in Cebu.


  5. The ambiance looks so sophisticated. So many new restos in Cebu! Isuroy niya ko ana Jan ug masaag ko balik sa Sugbo. :)


    1. As in! Daghan na kaayu bag-o, Anne! Suroy na dire balik!

  6. OMG. Daghan na kaas bag.o restaurants sa Cebu. Ma culture shock jud ko inig uli nako bahahah. Ikaw niya tour nano ha xD

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