Bohol Bee Farm
If you've been following me on Instagram (@offdutymama) and Facebook (Off-Duty Mama), you will know that I visited Bohol a few weeks ago together with other travel and lifestyle bloggers from Manila. We stayed at Bellevue Resort for three days (which I will be blogging about soon!) and we had a few quick trips on the side. One of the places we visited was Bohol Bee Farm. We did not stay that long but it was enough for me to be able to appreciate the beauty of the place, relax a bit, and indulge in their famous organic ice cream!

Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm has been famous for serving unique yet delicious food from their own organically-grown fruits and vegetables. Upon entering the place, you will immediately feel the "organic" aura and by the entrance, you'll see the cute The Buzzz Ice Cream shop, The Buzzz Shop (where you can buy organic goods), and their newest outlet, the Kape Bee & Bar.

Bohol Bee Farm Bohol Bee Farm

This is their restaurant, where you have to go down a few steps and be amazed with a scenic view. You'll get to see a wide view of the ocean while having a healthy meal.

Bohol Bee Farm

I have heard about Bohol Bee Farm because of their famous ice creams so after taking photos of the place, I ordered a scoop of their Malunggay Ice Cream. I swear it was one the of most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted. What was amazing was that you can't really taste the malunggay flavor in it! So it's totally okay for those who don't like having vegetables in their ice cream. Plus, their ice cream cone is even made of cassava. Now, who would have thought having ice cream can be healthy right?

Bohol Bee Farm Bohol Bee Farm Bohol Bee Farm Bohol Bee Farm

From the restaurant, we took another few steps down to the viewing deck. The stairs were quite steep but the view is breathtaking when you finally get to the deck. The sea breeze was so calming and the sound of the waves were so relaxing. I wish we had more time at Bohol Bee Farm that day but I guess this simply calls for a second trip. Because why not? Hopefully I can visit again soon!!!


  1. When we were in Bohol we also visited the Bee Farm and tried their Malunggay Ice Cream. I also bought few bottles of honey. Nice ilang mga produce kay organic. :-)

    Joy | www.fatmoments.com

  2. Wow! Hindi pa rin nagbabago ung Bee Farm :) May nakita ka bang mga bees? :D


    1. Wala eh! Hindi kami nakapagtour! Limited lang kasi ang time :(

  3. This place is beautiful! I wanna taste their ice cream too! Wish we visited this one when we went there. :|

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist

  4. i have yet to visit bohol. I hope sooner! '