Let's face the fact that quitting your job to travel may have worked for others but that doesn't mean it will work for you too. We've heard and read loads of stories saying "I quit my job, sold all my stuff, left everything behind to go and see the world".

And they're amazing stories. REALLY. While I was reading these success stories from my favorite travelers and travel bloggers, at first I felt envious. Honestly, I wished I was living their lives too. But then, I have too many responsibilities and of course I can't imagine leaving my family especially my baby behind just to pursue my personal dreams. That's when I realized that I shouldn't try to live other people's lives, because really that's such an awful thing to do! Leaving everything behind to go on the road may have worked for them but that doesn't mean it'll work for me (or maybe for you too). I'm not saying that it's not possible, I'm just saying that quitting your job to travel may not work for everyone else too. We are in different situations with different priorities and responsibilities and deciding to settle in this long-term lifestyle that some of us are dreaming of takes A LOT of time to think. Sometimes, it's so easy imagining ourselves with this ideal life but try to consider that you will be giving up the things you've grown up with and worked hard for behind.

Think about your job. Think about it deep.

I have a 9-hour job for five days a week and though I've been living paycheck to paycheck, I can't afford leaving my sole source of income. Just imagine, you have a stable job, you're earning enough to support yourself and maybe your family and now you're going to leave that to go on the road and then wash dishes or mop floors. I have nothing against the people who already did this because in fact, I salute them. I just want you to consider the fact that looking for stable jobs these days can be really difficult and you're simply giving it up.

Think about your family and friends who will be left behind.

Sometimes we have to leave our loved ones to pursue our goals and dreams. But for me, leaving them to chase your "dream lifestyle" which is highly unstable makes me iffy about it. Yes I've read blogs about how they received ridiculous and negative comments from their families but still they pushed it through and now they're living happily. But for me, I can't afford to leave them knowing that while I'm out there living the time of my life, they are worrying how I am. And of course, everything is so much different now that I have a baby which makes me even more determined not to leave them. And good heavens, I know that my partner won't even agree with me if I decide that the three of us go on the journey together.

Expectations are way different than reality.

Most of the time, things don't happen as how we expect it. We may think that travelling full time is easy but in reality, it isn't. Every destination will be difficult. You are an alien to every place and you will jump from one job to another to support this lifestyle. Yes, you can do freelancing which is totally okay. In fact, I think you can earn more from it. But still, nothing is ever easy. You will have difficult times and most especially lonely times. Maybe during the first few months of your adventure will be all happy and lovely but it's not always about it. You'll go through challenges alone, solve problems alone, sleep alone, eat alone... well, unless you have a partner to go through them and share those hard times with.

Because really... you don't have to quit your job to travel.

Why would you consider quitting your job when you have vacation leaves? If you really love to travel, you can do it one at a time. Plan your vacation leaves well, save money, look for seat sales, and the list goes on. Take your time. Those places you want to go to won't be gone. Each beautiful destination is just right there, waiting for you. Don't rush. We are already very lucky that we are able to travel because not everyone can have the chance. Quitting your job is not necessary, we just have to find a way that perfectly fits our current status and lifestyle in pursuing our travel dreams. Well that's just my two cents anyway.

How about you? What do you think about this whole idea of quitting your job to travel?


  1. Hi Ella! This is a good read. I've been thinking about this lately, but not quitting my job to travel - I want to try freelancing and make blogging/vlogging my main job. The thought that bothers me is really my day job itself. I hate it.

    However, you're right. We don't need to rush. We cannot have everything we want all the time, we just need to trust the process.

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. Thanks Melissa! Go pursue it! You will never know unless you try it! Hehe :D

  2. Hi Ella! I've been meaning to write a post something like this, and I definitely agree with you. While many people can make their ends meet while on the road, not everyone is definitely built for such lifestyle. I suppose it's also very different for us, as we are more grounded with family and responsibilities over other nationalities. Plus, the expenses are just way too much if you're coming from a third world country, and job opportunities isn't as great compared to westerners.

    While there are a handful of Filipinos who seem to make this work for them, I still think it can still be really challenging.

    Nice read, Ella! Missed visiting your blog. :)

    xx jhanzey.net

    1. Hi Jhanz! Thank you for dropping by! Hehe.

      Correct! It's really challenging for us especially those who are currently helping our families in terms of expenses at home. Travel lang tayo kahit hindi nag quiquit sa work! :D