Weekend trip to Olango Island in less than Php 1500

Ever since I blogged about my Olango Island getaway stories, I've been receiving mails and direct messages asking me how to go to the island and how much would the overall expense be. So I decided to sum up everything about the trip we had to provide a simple guide to those who want to experience a wonderful weekend at Olango Island. Please note that the expenses listed here are based on what we spent and the places we visited.

Getting there:
  1. From Cebu City: Ride a jeepney going to SM City Cebu V-Hire Terminal. Then, ride a V-Hire going to Gaisano Island Mall Mactan. Drop off at Gaisano Island Mall Mactan and ride a multicab going to Punta Engaño.
  2. From Lapu-Lapu City: Ride a multicab going to Punta Engaño. Tell the cab driver to drop you off at Movenpick Port. The fare from Gaisano Island Mall Mactan is Php 13.
  3. At Movenpick Port, head straight to the ticketing area and buy a ferry ticket going to Olango Island for only Php 15. Then pay another Php 5 for the terminal fee.
    Note: Travel time is approximately 20-30 minutes. Ferries are available every hour so there's no need to worry about catching up their schedule.
  4. Upon arriving at Santa Rosa Port, there are lots of tricycles that will get you to your destination. In our case, we took a tricycle going to the Candagsao where we can rent our bikes. Fare is Php 20 each.
    Note: If you pakyaw a tricycle it normally costs Php 120 - Php 150 depending on where you're headed.
  5. When going back to Lapu-Lapu City, the ferry fare is still Php 15 but the terminal fee is cheaper which is only Php 1. I'm not really sure why though.


Albeit a small island, there are so many things you can do in Olango Island. Here are a few:

Olango Island Travel Guide

Biking - Php 10/hour
We rented our bikes at a residence located at Candagsao Elementary School for Php 10/hour and paid Php 40 each by the time we returned the bikes.

Olango Island Travel Guide

Tungasan Boardwalk - FREE
There's no entrance fee or anything you need to pay at Tungasan Boardwalk so take your time and take all the photos as you like.

San Vicente Marine Sanctuary - Php 25 (Entrance Fee)
Our second stop was the San Vicente Marine Sanctuary where we only paid Php 25 for the entrance fee. If you wish to swim and snorkel with a free life vest, you have to pay an additional Php 50.

Olango Island Travel Guide Olango Island Travel Guide

San Vicente Wildlife Sanctuary - Php 30 (Entrance Fee)
This is where we spent the night so we paid additional fees for camping fee which is Php 50 per person and tent rental for Php 250.

Olango Island Travel Guide Olango Island Travel Guide

Casa Blanca by the Sea - Php 300 (Day use rate) We spent half a day at this resort on our second day at Olango Island. It was the perfect place for us to relax and chill.

Olango Island Travel Guide

We actually didn't spend much on our food. It was around 1PM I think when we met so we already took our lunch beforehand. Mel and I met at Gaisano Island Mall Mactan and bought some food at the supermarket. Our groceries cost Php 300 all in all. For our dinner on the first day, we just bought some sardines and fruits. Then for our breakfast the next day, Kuya RR bought us some cooked sa-ang or conch sells for only Php 25/pack and four pieces of puso or hanging rice for Php 7 each.

A little side note, Kuya RR, who I mentioned earlier was the good samaritan we met at the Marine Sanctuary. It was already dusk when we arrived there and he was the one in charge that time. He asked if we're going to bike our way going back to Candagsao to return the bikes. He willingly offered to take us there so we decided to hire Kuya RR throughout the whole trip. We paid him Php 500.

Overall expenses (per person):
Multicab Fare (going to Movenpick Port) Php 13
Boat Fare + Terminal Fee (going to Olango Island) Php 20
Tricycle (going to Candagsao) Php 20
Pakyaw Tricycle (Php 500/2) Php 250
Boat Fare + Terminal Fee (going back to Movenpick Port) Php 16
Bike Rental Php 40
Marine Sanctuary Entrance Fee Php 25
Wildlife Sanctuary Entrance Fee Php 30
Wildlife Sanctuary Camping Fee Php 50
Wildlife Sanctuary Tent Rental (Php 250/2) Php 125
Casa Blanca by the Sea day use Php 300
Food groceries (Php 300/2) Php 150
Dinner (Day 1; Php 60/2) Php 30
Saang Breakfast (Day 2; Php 53/2) Php 26.50


  1. We never knew that you could actually do many things in olango. We actually visited Casa Blanca just last week because, thanks to you, I've seen your post about it. We would love to revisit the island soon and try to do those listed above plus that cooked sa-ang looks delicious!

    Bia S. | RoadByBia

    1. There are so many things I haven't done in Olango pa! And I want to go back there again and again! Haha. I saw your post about Casa Blanca! And yes, sa-ang in Olango are so delicious and cheap too!!! :D

  2. Wow, that's pretty cheap considering that the place is so beautiful! I initially thought that the 1500 budget would limit you to a few activities but I guess I was wrong. Haha. If only I live in Cebu...

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. If we stayed there for more than 2 days then I bet it'll be more than 1500! Haha. But really, it's really nice to go on trips that won't cost you a lot! :)

  3. Yay! I adore travel posts, and this one is a really new approach. So cool.

  4. Sounds like so much fun! Makes me miss Cebu. <3


  5. Hi Ella!

    Dropped by your blog and I love it! <3 The next time I visit Cebu, I'll make sure to visit this place. Any ganda! <3

    PS Na-log in ko pala yung old blogger account ko so I deleted the comment. Hihi.

    xo, Ish

    1. Wow, thank you, Ishel! <3 Oo puntahan mo ang Olango Island! Kaya lang naman sya in one weekend :)

  6. My comment didn't go through. :(

    Anyways, this is a really informative post, Janine! The place is so affordable for all the activities and views in it. I was supposed to go to Cebu this April na but my uncles flaked out on me. Haha. Next time tho!

    xo, Richel V.

    1. Awww. Nag error ba or something? :(

      Thanks, Richel! Sayang naman! Punta ka within this year naman! :)

  7. I lived in Cebu for two decades and never managed to visit Olango island. Huhu. I feel ashamed but someday I shall set foot in it. Nindotas photos Jan oy! Gimingaw ko ug dagat da.


    1. Haha okay rana Anne oy! You have a lot of time in the world! Balik na lage dire og Cebu para mulaag ta!

  8. Hi ella! Ask ko lang how to make this kind of travel guide? Do you have app? Or site? Help me. Ty

    1. Hi Lester! Are you referring to the table above? I just used HTML tables for that :)

  9. Thank you for the Tip Ella! Love your blog. Want to go there this april. :) Cheap Travel like it! God Bless. :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Aljune! And yes, you should go there. Super laid back lang kasi ng place. :)