Casa Blanca By The Sea
This day trip to the exquisite resort in Olango Island was undeniably the highlight of our weekend vacation at the island. Casa Blanca By The Sea, though not very known to most, is definitely one of the resorts in the island that you shouldn't miss. Our last day at Olango Island was spent at Casa Blanca By The Sea and I have to say that this resort lived up to its name. I'm not sure if I'm right but I searched the web for the meaning of "casa blanca" and it said it meant "rare". I guess it's true. The resort will definitely give you the tranquility and serenity that you're looking for.

Casa Blanca By The Sea Casa Blanca By The Sea

You must be wondering that this resort may be so beautiful and an amazing vacation here should come with a price as well. Don't worry, I wondered about that too when I first heard about Casa Blanca By The Sea. But my dear friends, for only Php 300, you can already enjoy the entirety of the resort (of course except for the rooms!) from 8AM until 5PM! With the resort's superb aesthetics, view, and facilities, their day use rate is surprisingly affordable so there's really no reason why you shouldn't check Casa Blanca By The Sea out.

Casa Blanca By The Sea Casa Blanca By The Sea

Mel and I arrived at the resort around nine in the morning and we had the place all to ourselves for quite a while! Hooray!

Casa Blanca By The Sea Casa Blanca By The Sea Casa Blanca By The Sea

We were supposedly going to avail their Day Use with lunch package (price at the end of this post) however, they don't accommodate walk-in guests since they need to prepare the food ahead of time. The resort is not always fully-booked so they really require the reservation. Lesson learned! Fortunately, they don't charge corkage fees so Mel and I munched the junk food we brought instead.

Casa Blanca By The Sea Casa Blanca By The Sea

Surely, it was one of the best day trips I experienced in a resort because I'm not really a fan of huge crowds. Though it'll take a boat trip to take me to Casa Blanca By The Sea but I don't really mind and I would love to come back here soon!

Casa Blanca By The Sea Rates (as of April 2017):

Day Use (8AM - 5PM): Php 500 per person / Php 750 with plated lunch*
Night Use (5PM - 8AM): Php 600 per person (you can bring your own tents)

*Call them in advance for reservation so they can have time to prepare the food.
They also have a grilling station that you can use for free.

Casa Blanca by the Sea
Bas Coral, Olango Island, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu
Email: info@casablancabythesea.com
Contact Nos.: (032) 406 7738 / +63 917 635 8600 / +63 923 521 8194


  1. walay bayad ang cottage dri?? and how to get here if nana kas olango

  2. which is your fave, casa blanca? or talima beach?

    1. Hi Nikee! Sorry late reply! Yes, free to use ra ang cottage. Kung naa naka sa Olango Port, naa ray daghan tricycles nga pwede nimo masakyan. Just tell them adto mo og Casa Blanca. Kahibaw nana sila. Ang pakyaw sa tricycle kay murange rana og PHP 150-200. :)

      Mas ganahan ko sa Casa Blanca kay mas nindot ang view. But cheaper and rooms sa Talima Beach Villas Resort :)

  3. Hi,

    Mali po yung SUN number in your blog. This is the correct one, +63 923 521 8194. ;)
    Basin suko na tong -8164 number. Haha!

    Nice blog BTW. :)

    1. Hi Anon! Thanks for the heads up! I'll update the number! :)
      Thank you! xo

  4. Hi! Can you guide us on how to get to Casa Blanca from Lapu lapu. And any idea on what time would be the first trip? Thank you :)

    1. Hi Anon! Sorry late reply. I actually have a guide on how to go to Olango Island from Lapu-Lapu. Mao ni sya nga link: https://www.wanderingella.com/2017/02/olango-island.html and then from Olango Port, naa ra daghan tricycle, ingna lang Casa Blanca mo na resort :)