Biking around Olango Island

Biking Around Olango Island

One of the main reasons I decided to go back to Olango Island is to try going around the island with a bike. The first time I went there, I went around hiring tricycles and it cost me Php 120 - Php 150 per ride. So when I made our itinerary for this trip, I made sure that we get to experience biking around Olango Island. Because really, going to Olango Island will never be complete without going around with a bike!

When we arrived at Olango port, we rode a tricycle (since that was the only mode of transportation in the port) to get us to Candagsao Elementary School to rent the bikes. We asked the tricycle driver how much the fare was and he said it'll be Php 120 if we hire the trike only for us or we'll have to wait for more passengers so we'll have to pay only Php 20. Of course, we chose the latter to save some pesos.

Biking in Olango Island

We arrived at Candagsao Elementary School around 2:30 in the afternoon and asked a few of the residents we met where we can rent the bikes. The bike rental owner made us sign some papers as part of their rules and then we headed to our first destination. The bikes we rented only cost Php 10 per hour and the mountain bikes cost Php 20 per hour.

Biking in Olango Island

We were really excited when we got on our bikes that we almost didn't mind the scorching heat of the sun. It was my first time to ride a bike since I don't know how long. To be honest, I was quite scared I might not know how to ride a bike again. Haha. But adventure was what we were looking for and driving a bike with motorcyles on the same road was a new feat for me.

First stop: Barangay Tungasan Boardwalk

This wasn't part of our itinerary. Our goal that day was to visit both the Marine and Bird Sanctuary. But since we only had little knowledge about these tourist spots in the island, when we saw the board saying "Fish Sanctuary", we thought that was it so we went to Barangay Tungasan.

Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island

It was quite a far bike ride going to the boardwalk but when we arrived there, the view was amazing. We also met a few kids there who were so giddy about having their photos taken. I will make a separate blog post for our whole experience at Tungasan Boardwalk so watch out for it!

Second stop: Marine Sanctuary in Barangay San Vicente

Going to Barangay San Vicente was by far the first and longest bike ride I have ever experienced. We drove and drove and asked the locals a few directions and when we finally saw the road sign that we have reached Barangay San Vicente, we were so happy. Little did we know, that it was yet again another long bike ride. We were already sweating profusely and our legs were very exhausted but we were very determined to reach our destination.

Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island

When we finally saw the "Marine Sanctuary" sign, we thought, "Oh so this is the Marine Sanctuary we were looking for!" We parked our bikes and then we met Kuya RR who was in charge of the sanctuary that time. We paid the entrance fee of Php 25 each.

Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island Biking in Olango Island

When we arrived at the jump off place at the sanctuary, I was deeply mesmerized by the amazing view I was witnessing. The sea breeze was so fresh and cool it magically calmed my palpitating heart due to the exhaustion from our biking escapade. We did not take a dive at the Marine Sanctuary not because it would cost us another Php 50 but we only wanted to cherish the moment while looking at the dusking sky.

I think it was around 5:45PM when we headed out and decided not to go to the Bird Sanctuary anymore since it was getting dark and we still needed to return the bikes back to Candagsao. Good thing Kuya RR was there and offered a tricycle ride for only Php 100. We arrived at Candagsao almost an hour after, I think. Our biking adventure ended there and we were left with happy memories and more stories to tell. I can't wait to share more of my Olango Island diaries on my next posts!


  1. Tanx Ms. Ella to Promote of Erwax Bike Rental

  2. Good Morning . I would like to ask if naa kay number for the bike rental ?

    1. Hi Anon! Sorry, wala ra ba. Pag abot namo sa Olango Island, niderecho raman gud mi og ingon sa driver sa tricycle nga adto mi sa Candagsao Elem School para magrent og bike. Nya pag abot namo sa school, nangutana rami sa taga didto kung asa dapit ang naay parentahan. Hehe. Pero kana nag comment nga si Sir Erwin, sya na ang owner sa bike rental. Pwede ra sya imo icontact :)

  3. Thank you for replying my inquiry .
    have a nice day !
    keep wandering ella :) :) :)

  4. You're welcome! Sorry nalangay akong reply. Hehehe. Enjoy Olango Island! Nindot jud sya ddto kay laid back ra ang panginabuhi 😊😊😊