Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro
When you hear your friends talking about a newly-opened Japanese restaurant, what's the first thing that comes in to your mind? If you ask me, I'd already imagine if their sushi, tempura, and ramen are worth the try! Of course, you thought about that too, right? Because that's what we commonly know when we hear "Japanese Restaurant". But that's not the case with this newest Japanese place called Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro. If you're looking for the usual Japanese food, then I suggest you better skip this place. But if you're up for a Western and Japanese fusion, Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro is for you!

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro is a cute and cozy Japanese food place located in Norkis Cyberpark just beside the JCenter Mall in AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City. The restaurant is owned by Kate Tiffany Yu and Japanese Gourmet Chef Masaki Tsuji. They opened their food venture here in Cebu last March with a goal to provide the Cebuano customers something different and unique, thus the idea of offering Yƍshoku or the Westernized Japanese-style cuisine.

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Baked Scallops

Baked Scallops - Php 250

You may see this dish in most restaurants here in Cebu but what makes Skillet's version of Baked Scallops is that theirs are creamier and cheesier since they use different kinds of cheese for the scallops! Though it's quite pricey for a six-piece dish, but it's worth the try!

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie - Php 350

Their Chicken Pot Pie is baked and served in a skillet! I love how the crunchiness of the pie complements well with the huge creamy chunks of chicken inside.

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Rice Gratin

Rice Gratin with White Sauce - Php 320

When you dine at Skillet, you can order their Rice Gratin since it's already a meal in itself. It was very tasty too.

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Fried Chicken Nanban

Fried Chicken Nanban with Tartar Sauce - Php 280

This was the dish that surprised me. At first, I didn't really mind it because it was just fried chicken. But when I took a bite, I loved how the chicken was so tender and what surprised me was its sweetness! It was my first time to try a "sweet" fried chicken and it's a two thumbs up for me.

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Spaghetti Crab

Spaghetti Crab Tomato Cream Sauce - Php 400

I love pasta and this spaghetti dish was simply awesome. It's very flavorful and I didn't know that crab meat would be a perfect ingredient for spaghetti.

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Panna Cotta with Mango Granita

Panna Cotta with Mango Granita - Php 180

Now, with the desserts! This panna cotta is very light and the texture was so smooth. The mango gratin was perfect as well, it wasn't too sweet which I surprisingly loved (since I'm such a sucker for anything sweet!).

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Dew Droplet Cake Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro - Dew Droplet Cake

Dew Droplet Cake - Php 220

This is definitely Skillet's ultimate highlight! You may have seen videos of this cake made of water which is becoming popular in Japan. In Skillet, they named it the Dew Droplet Cake because of they presented it. It looks like a drop of dew in a leaf. This dessert is very unique and definitely something new to the Cebuano palate. Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro, I believe, is the only restaurant in Cebu that serves this cake.

If you ask me how it tastes, it tastes like taho but with a twist. The water itself is of course tasteless and cool. But when you combine it with the soybean powder and black sugar syrup, it's perfect and very refreshing.

So if you're curious about this dessert too, you better call them to reserve a cake or two for you since they only serve 10 cakes each day! So, you better hurry and reserve your Dew Droplet Cake now! :)

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro

I would like to thank Zomato Cebu and Miss Kate for having us at Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro. I had a very lovely lunch with you and I'm definitely going back!

Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro
Norkis Cyber Park, AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City (beside JCenter Mall)
Contact No.: (032) 417 2805
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30AM - 2PM / Dinner 5PM - 10PM

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