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Let's admit, "blogging" has somehow become a trend nowadays and like mushrooms, lots of blogs have popped up out from nowhere. And there are others who don't fully understand what we bloggers really do and they think that travel blogging is as easy as striking a pose and posting their photos on Facebook and Instagram. Blogging is so much more than that. That's why I decided to give you an overview about blogging and a simple guide on how to start your own (travel) blog with a few bonus tips!

Looking back, blogging used to be just a private space for people who only wanted to share their day-to-day lives and express themselves. However, over the years blogging has become people's passion projects and some even transform their blogs into businesses. Yes, some bloggers do earn from their blogs especially those who are in the travel niche. Travel bloggers earn in so many different ways but the most common are being offered a free stay at a hotel/resort or being sponsored a trip. Fancy, right? And because of these perks, some decide to start a travel blog to get these free stuff which is honestly very saddening. Which is why most of the people who do not truly understand what a "legit" blogger does make up a general opinion that bloggers are freebie-getters and lootbaggers. It hurts, you know? That our passion is being generalized by simple-minded people.

So... since you are here reading this, I'm pretty sure that you're interested to start a travel blog. But let me ask you, why do you want to blog? If you answered from deep within your heart, then good. You can use this simple guide on how to start your own travel blog plus you get a few bonus tips from me! *wink*

1. Define Your Purpose

People start their own travel blogs for so many different reasons. Some because they wanted to share their experiences, some wanted to make their blogs as a marketing tool for their business, and some simply want to earn money and be famous. You may have heard that some bloggers receive free stuff and get paid when attending events or in exchange of a blog post, but that's not what blogging is all about. These perks are results of the blogger's hardwork and passion. I know you have some bloggers you look up to but just know that it took them years to get to where they are now. And it's actually sad how people decide to start their own blogs because of these perks. Success in blogging does not happen overnight. So if you are thinking of starting a blog to get free stuff, PLEASE STOP. Don't blog. Save yourself. When you decide to start your own blog, do it for the right reasons.

Start Your Own Travel Blog in 5 Quick and Easy Steps - Off-Duty Mama

2. Choose Your Blog Name

Choosing a blog name has to be one of the most difficult stages when starting your own travel blog, based on my experience. It took me a couple of shower moments before 'Wandering Ella' was born. When thinking of a blog name, a lot of things has to be considered but these are the most important ones:
  • Think long term. Do you think it will still be relevant in the next few years? If you think of naming your blog, 'Wandering Through Asia', what will happen next if you travel to Europe?
  • Is your blog name taken? When you finally decide on a blog name, make sure to check if it's available not just as a dot com but as usernames on social media as well. One online site that can help you with it is www.namecheckr.com, just type in your desired name and it'll instantly check domain and social usernames availability across multiple networks.
  • KISS. As much as possible, keep your name short and simple as this helps your blog name easy to remember for your readers.
  • Choose a name that looks right when squeezed into a URL. When thinking of a blog name, try typing it leaving no spaces in between and make sure that it doesn't look weird. Just imagine having www.therapistfinder.com ("The Therapist Finder") as your blog URL.

3. Choose Your Niche

A blog niche is like a topic. Of course, travel is already a niche in itself but since travel in general has kind of become too mainstream, try focusing on specific points. Consider what kind of traveller you are and what you love about travelling then use that to position your blog theme. In that way, you can make your blog stand out.

Just keep in mind, that there is no such thing as a wrong niche. And it's totally fine if you don't find the right niche for you right away. You can discover it as you go along your blogging journey.

Start Your Own Travel Blog in 5 Quick and Easy Steps - Off-Duty Mama

4. Choose a Blogging Platform

There are a lot of blogging platforms available but the four most popular that I know are: Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org. I have tried Tumblr and Blogspot before (I've switched between these two so many times!) and they're both FREE. But I recommend choosing Blogspot for those who are new to blogging. I don't have any experience with the free WordPress platform that is WordPress.com but based on my friends' experiences, WordPress.com limits HTML/CSS customization and does not allow third-party ads. I also know one friend's experience who had issues with WordPress.com's storage limit that she had to delete old blog posts. Ouch!

Each of the blogging platforms I have mentioned (and those I did not) have their own advantages and disadvantages but they are all great choices when you decide to start a blog. My advice though is, the blogging platform does not matter. Because I believe that there is no definite answer on which really is the best platform because at the end of the day, after reading this post, it all depends on you.

5. Prepare for Hard Work

Blogging per se is never easy. When you have decided to give blogging a go, prepare yourself for a lot of hard work and effort. You need to practice your time-management skills too. If you think that blogging is as easy as taking photos on your travel journey and posting them on Facebook or Instagram, you got it all wrong. The real blogging comes after you travel. That's when you sit in front of your computer, edit your photos, and click that 'Add New Post' button. Even deciding for a blog title can be as difficult! And if you have a full-time job like me, balancing blogging and travelling (plus being a mom!) is a lot more difficult.

Blogging requires consistency. And it's just as important as your content. With my 9-hour job, five days a week, I see to it that I am able to update my blog at least twice a week. My tip is, come up with a blog posting schedule and stick to it.
Start Your Own Travel Blog in 5 Quick and Easy Steps - Off-Duty Mama


1. Never compare your blog to other blogs. Always remember, no matter how many travel blogs are out there, yours is unique in every way. Never compare yourself to others, because that way you'll start feeling envious and insecure. You'll start comparing their achievements to yours that you'll end up striving for success for the wrong reasons. Blogging is not competing.

2. Just enjoy what you’re doing. I have mentioned that there are people who start a blog because they want the free stuff and earn dollars. When you start a travel blog, never expect that sponsors will come flock in right away to pay for your trip. Just enjoy what you’re doing, keep travelling and exploring, keep those posts coming, because those money-making opportunities will come at the right time.

3. NEVER GIVE UP. No blogger has become successful overnight. The successful bloggers that you know right now took them years and years to achieve what they have right now. Always know that blogging is a never-ending learning process. You will learn from your fellow bloggers and readers along your blogging journey. Success starts with taking one small step. Of course, there will be times when you’ll feel like quitting (because I once felt that too) but remember why you decided to do it. Look back and think why you are blogging. No matter how disappointed you are that you only have a hundred views a day or if you have zero comments in your blog posts, if you really love what you do, that's what pulls you through.

Start Your Own Travel Blog in 5 Quick and Easy Steps - Off-Duty Mama


  1. Yay! Inspiring! For me ang pinaka lisud ani ang blogger name. Like imong i-use imong name kay most of the bloggers used it also. Then pang long time sad jud sya. But sa akoa murag lisud kay taas kay kog name haha. Anyways, if I have a vacant time, mao sad na akong ting update. Sahay maabtan ug tapol ang resulta daghan backlogs. After I have read this, suwayan na nakog update ang uban haha. Btw, thanks for this post janine! :)

    1. Thank you, Klah!!! Lagi ay! Karon gani mura nasad kog nayabag ganahan mag change og name. Pero no no no na. HAHAHAHA. Same gyud ta. Kung tapulon ko, walay blog mahimo oi. Mao na usahay more than 1 week akong gap sa posts. HAHAHA. Go lang ng go, Klah! :)

  2. Thank you for this Wandering Ella. I am a traveler too,I love nature and travels, I am thinking of starting a blog because I want to make it as my travel diary while helping other travelers. Your tips are very helpful and shows really good attitude towards blogging. God Bless for sharing your talent.

    1. Waaaah I don't know why I haven't responded to this comment! Thank you Leonora for finding my tips healpful! Have you created your blog already? :)

  3. Hi, Ella! Thank you for this blog post, it's inspiring. It is a big help for me (who is currently revamping and re-branding her blog). God bless you! xo

    1. Weeee I'm happy you loved this post, Lovely! <3 <3 <3